Looking for the Sea of Thieves crossbow? Here's how to get this unique weapon skin available for a limited time.

Sea of Thieves: How To Get The Crossbow

Looking for the Sea of Thieves crossbow? Here's how to get this unique weapon skin available for a limited time.
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The Sea of Thieves crossbow is one of the most sought-after items of Season Four despite just being a cosmetic-only skin for a more typical weapon in the game. If you’re curious how to get the Sea of Thieves crossbow, fear not, dread pirate, we’ve got you covered with this guide right here.

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How To Get the Crossbow in Sea Of Thieves 

The Sea of Thieves crossbow is Rare’s way of introducing a new weapon into the game without disrupting the balance of the weapons meta. The crossbow is merely a skin for the Eye of Reach (sniper rifle), so it doesn’t have its own stats or attributes different from your classic Eye of Reach that has been in the game for years.

Having said that, Rare has never altered a weapon with a skin as much as it does with the Eye of Reach crossbow skin, which is called the Ballista Eye of Reach in-game.

To earn the Ballista Eye of Reach, you’ll need to level up to tier 50 in the 100-tier Season Four Plunder Pass. While there is a paid path that doles out many more rewards, you don’t need to buy the Plunder Pass to earn the crossbow skin. It’s given to all players who achieve tier 50 before the end of the season, which will come sometime in early December according to the game’s menus.

That means you’ve got about ten weeks to climb to tier 50, which shouldn’t take so long if you focus on Deeds, in-game challenges that reward seasonal Renown, or XP, in a hurry. 

You can refer to the game’s progression menus once you’ve spawned into a game to see what Deeds you might want to tackle first. Notice that they’re color-coded similarly to many games’ rarity system. Focusing on green deeds will be easiest but reward the least Renown, while blue and purple deeds will offer increasingly more Renown but take more work.

If you do buy the Plunder Pass ($10 in-game), you’ll get bonus rewards roughly every five tiers you unlock, so pick the one that’s right for you and climb to tier 50 like it’s the crow’s nest, pirate.

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