Sea of Thieves Lords of the Sea Journals Guide

Lords of the Sea is the climactic end to the Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life saga. Hidden in the bedlam are 10 secret Journals. Here's how to find them.

Lords of the Sea is the climactic end to the Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life saga. Hidden in the bedlam are 10 secret Journals. Here's how to find them.

There are 10 hidden journals to find in Sea of Thieves‘ last Tall Tale, Lords of the Sea. With all the Tale’s cannon fire, clashing swords, and marauding sea creatures, it can get chaotic, making it difficult to find these hidden pieces of lore.

But if you’re looking for each of the journals in Lords of the Sea, we’ve braved the towers, boarded the ships, and found them all so that you don’t have to. Follow along below, and we will show you the way. Some slight spoilers ahead, so ye be warned! 

How to Find All 10 Lords of the Sea Journals 

Lords of the Sea is the fifth and final Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life. You will need to have finished all four previous Tall Tales in order to access it. Once you do, vote to launch the Tall Tale, and head for the cloud that looks suspiciously like an evil man with an octopus for a head.

A first-person view, looking over the bow of a pirate ship at a cloud shaped like Davey Jones' head with tentacles.

There four phases to this Tall Tale.  

  • Phase 1: Battle 
  • Phase 2: Assault the Spire (includes 5 Journals)
  • Phase 3: Battle the Flying Dutchman 
  • Phase 4: Sendoff with the Black Pearl (includes 5 Journals)

Five of the Journals belong to the Forsaken Pirates set and are found in Phase 2. The other five are Jack Sparrow’s journals and are found in Phase 4.

The Forsaken Pirates Journals (1-5)

Phase 1 is simple: attack the ghost ships and siren statues in a massive naval battle. Eventually, ghostly ally ships will come to your aid, and you will be tasked with climbing the spire. Bring your ship in close and swim or cannon yourself to the base of the spire. It is time to go Journal hunting.

A player's gloved hand held up in first-person, a craggy spire in the background with blue coral on it.

Journal 1: Perdition of the Past

Your ascension of the tower begins on the outside, but you will soon arrive at a cavern-like area. Inside this area, you will pass ghost pirates holding candles on your left. This Journal is near the third pirate, who is standing next to some red coral.

A ghostly pirate stands next to red coral at the base of a craggy tower.

Journal 2: Marooned 

Continue forward until you cross a small wooded bridge. You enter a large chamber. Look to the spectral pirate on the left. The book is on the ground between her and the kneeling pirate.

A ghostly female pirate stands in front of pirate ship wreckage with a journal to her left.

Journal 3: A Strange Escape 

You will eventually come to a large mast, with a ladder to climb. At the top of the ladder, you will see the brig (jail) of a ship. This Journal is just inside the jail, in the near left corner.

A pirate ship jail cell with bent bars and a lantern hanging inside.

Journal 4: I Serve Davy Jones

Immediately after the third journal, you will slide down a bit of wrecked hull into a pool of water. Two pirate ghosts stand in front of you. The journal is on the ground near the left ghost.

Two ghostly pirates stand on either side of a journal on the ground.

Journal 5: A Company Man 

The final journal is not far from the last. You will ascend to the third level of a wrecked ship right after the fourth journal. At the top will be another ghost pirate, with the Journal on the railing to her left.

A pirate ghost with a peg leg stands to the right of a journal on the edge of a pirate ship.

Jack Sparrow’s Journals (6-10)

The last five Journals are all aboard the Black Pearl, which is accessible only in Phase 4 after you’ve finished the spire and sunk Davy Jones.

Once you’ve done that, the Pearl will emerge from the water near you. Swim over and use the ladder to climb aboard. Jack will give a farewell speech, and you will rifle through his belongings.

The Black Pearl pirate ship in open water at night.

Journal 6: A Rumour

The first two Journals are very close to each other. Head to the wheel of the ship, and look the right. Journal 6 is right in front of you, on the “table” behind the wheel.

The wheel of a pirate ship with a journal sitting on a counter behind it.

Journal 7: A Plan 

Now, turn 180 degrees and look directly behind you. Journal 7 is on the wooden railing near the rear mast.

A journal sitting on a wood railing next to a mast.

Journal 8: A Longing 

The next Journal is one level below you, in the captain’s cabin. Head down the stairs, enter the cabin, and walk to the table at the rear of the room. The Journal is sitting right in front of the chair.

A journal sitting on a wooden table in the Captain's Cabin.

Journal 9: A Theft 

This Journal is on the bow (front) of the ship, on the railing just in front of the mast.

A journal sitting on a wooden railing between two pieces of rope, overlooking the hatch to the ship's hold.

Journal 10: A Problem

The final Journal is below deck, lying on the ground next to the front mast.

A journal on the ground propped up against the bottom of a mast.

Once you’ve read all of Jack’s private thoughts, you can exit the ship and complete the Tall Tale with the satisfaction of a job well done. 

You can replay all of the Tall Tales to your heart’s content. If you missed anything along the way, then grab one of our handy dandy Sea of Thieves guides and enjoy a fine game of Skeleton Chess or uncover some mysterious Siren murals. Just remember, take what you can, and give nothing back! 

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