The Shrine of Tribute has five hidden journals you'll need to unlock everything in Sea of Thieves Season 4. We've found them all and will show you to look.

Sea of Thieves Shrine of Tribute Journals Guide

The Shrine of Tribute has five hidden journals you'll need to unlock everything in Sea of Thieves Season 4. We've found them all and will show you to look.

The arrival of Season 4 in Sea of Thieves has brought with it a treasure trove of secrets to plunder. The most important may be the journals, hidden away within sunken Siren Shrines.

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There are thirty journals total, divided evenly into groups of five across all six Siren Shires. For now we are going to focus on the five hidden within the Shrine of Tribute 

The Shrine of Tribute is located in the Ancient Isles, the south western region of the Sea of Thieves. It’s marked on your map, making it easy to locate. Once you sail your ship to the correct place (made obvious by the telltale glow), dive deep into the sea.

Sea of Thieves Shrine of Tribute Journal Locations

As you reach the bottom you will find a circular structure, recessed into the bottom of the sea. Inside is a switch, which opens a hidden door.

Journal 1: Shrine of Tribute

Shortly after you swim through the door you will reach a vertical chamber, descending deeper into the shrine.

At the bottom is a mural depicting the positions of several siren statues. The first journal is located directly across from the mural, atop some rocks between near a large red growth of coral. 

Journal 2: My Friends

The second journal is though the hallway, to the left as you face the first journal. These corridors form a large square around a central chamber.

Follow this path until you reach the first corner of the square, turn right, then proceed to the next corner. The journal will be there, on the ground near some glowing coral and an air vent.  

Journal 3: The Warrior and the Sea Queen

Continue swimming around the outer square of corridors (continuing in the same direction as before). You will make another right turn at a corner, and swim past a siren statue blowing into a conch shell.

Turn right once again when you come to the next corner, and the journal will be sitting on a shelf to your right, just past some bright yellow coral.  

Journal 4: The Sea Queen’s Army

Backtrack until you reach the statue with the conch again. This time turn left to enter the inner chamber. You’ll need to solve the siren statue puzzle to raise the water level (position their arms to match the mural at the entrance, then strike the statue with the conch). This opens a path that allows you to climb atop the large statue in the middle of the shrine. 

Cross to the other side, and the fourth journal will be waiting near a water fall.  

Journal 5: Mermaid Gems

The fifth and final journal can be found after you activate three pressure plates, causing the statue in the center to move and reveal a hidden chamber.

Swim down and all the way to the rear of the newly uncovered room, until you reach a collapsed stone platform covered in treasure. The journal rests on top, slightly left of center.  

There you have it, five journals down, twenty-five to go.

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