Sniper Elite 5 Atlantic Wall: Mission 1 Collectibles and Starting Locations

Here's where to find all of the collectibles in The Atlantic Wall, Sniper Elite 5's first mission.

Here's where to find all of the collectibles in The Atlantic Wall, Sniper Elite 5's first mission.

Sniper Elite 5s Atlantic Wall has 19 different collectibles to find, including stone eagles, personal letters, classified documents, and hidden items. There are also three workbenches and three starting locations to unlock in Mission 1. The former gives you access to new weapons and upgrades, and the latter opens up new infiltration zones similar to those found in Hitman

As does our Occupied Residence guide, the guide below shows you where to find all of those locations, moving around the map counterclockwise as we initially discovered them. There are, however, some alternative locations, which we’ve done our best to suss out and mention. Be sure to pick up the kill challenge for exploding Beckendorf while you’re here.

Atlantic Wall Collectibles and Starting Locations

Resistance Captured (Classified Document 1)

This classified document is part of the critical path. Secure the Boathouse objective, and kill the officer to take his keys. Enter the boathouse and investigate the documents at the objective marker.

Rifle Workbench and Interrogation Block Starting Point

After meeting Blue Viper, the Interrogation Block starting point automatically unlocks. Following the cutscene, go upstairs and either pick the lock or use the bolt cutters to enter the room with the soldier. This is also part of the critical path. It’s on the left side of the room next to the exit.

Picked Some Violets (Personal Letter 1)

Work your way toward the radar array in the north by staying on the right side of the map. You’ll eventually come to a medium-sized white shed with a blue horizontal stripe just southeast of the array (there are two soldiers talking behind a sandbag barricade on the southern side of the building). Kill them and grab the letter off of the crates near them, with the lantern explosive on it. There is a parked truck on the right side.

Stone Eagle 1

This stone eagle is on top of a building to the right (east of) the building where you found the Picked Some Violets personal letter. It’s off the map, with the stone eagle on a pillar.

Lacking Air Support (Classified Document 2)

This classified document can be found in the Radar Bunker safe in the center of the bunker. Use the safe code found on a soldier near the safe room or use a satchel charge to open it.

Atlantikwall Report (Classified Document 3)

This is in the Northern Farm safe, found in the house adjacent to the northernmost AA gun as part of the Neutralize the Anti-Air Guns secondary objective. Open with a satchel charge or get the code from the soldier in the AA gun embattlement.

Violets are Wilting (Personal Letter 2)

This personal letter is in the attic above the garage at the Northern Farm. Go up the stairs to the garage’s second story (where the truck is parked), then climb the ladder. This is on the table by the hay bales and silenced Sten Mk2.

French Countryside Starting Location

Interact with the bonfire in front of the parked truck with its lights on in the field just north/northeast of the Northern Farm. 

Pistol Workbench and Beach Defenses (Classified Document 4)

This workbench is in the armory in the northern part of the Gun Battery compound. It’s in the back of the green building with the two trucks parked outside. The Armory Key is on the officer nearby, and the workbench is in the back when you go inside. Then, crack open the safe in the same room, near the western door. 

Note: It’s possible that the Beach Defenses collectible is missing in the safe. This happened to me on my first playthrough, and other players have reported the bug. If it doesn’t appear for you, finish the mission and return to the safe on another run (that’s what worked for me).  

Radio Tin (Hidden Item 1)

The radio tin can be found in the barn on a table at the Southern Farm, which is in the middle of the map just east of the dunes.

Upcoming Delivery (Personal Letter 3)

this personal letter can be found on the second story of the garage at the Southern Farm. It’s on the floor at the top of the ladder near two ammo boxes.

Stone Eagle 2

This stone eagle is on top of the bunker just southeast of the dunes. The bunker is marked as a vantage point on the map, and you could get this one at the beginning of the level if you choose to go toward the dunes first.

Stone Eagle 3

The final stone eagle in Atlantic Wall is on top of the hotel just north of (across the road from) the town church in the town. The hotel is the large building with Nazi banners on it and a fountain out front. You can see the Eagle on the roof from the top of the church or snipe it from the path leading up to the hotel.

Violets Don’t Wilt (Personal Letter 4)

This personal letter is in the hotel safe (code received from the officer nearby). Go upstairs and right at the top. Go to the end of the hall and into the room on the right. Turn right through the door to find the safe in a smaller room.

Resistance Photo (Hidden Item 2)

Go to the second floor of the pharmacy on the western side of the market square in the town. The square abuts the main road going through the town about halfway down, and it’s just to the right of the Town Bunker that’s part of the Neutralize the Coastal Defenses optional objective.

At the top of the stairs, go right and straight ahead across the hall to find this on the table on the left side.

Boches at the Door (Personal Letter 5) + SMG Workbench

Boches at the Door is in the Resistance Safehouse where you search for Marcel. It’s on the sofa downstairs, across from the gramophone. The workbench is in the Resistance Safehouse attic, across from Marcel. 

FFI Flag (Hidden Item 3)

This is in the kitchen at the Western Farmhouse, which is just barely northeast of the exfiltration zone. The FFI Flag is on a sink/washbasin.

Pests in the Garden (Personal Letter 6)

This personal letter is on a table in the small pavilion on the southwestern tip of the map, almost directly south of the SMG workbench and resistance hideout, and just southeast of the Town Promenade infiltration point.

Town Promenade Starting Location

This starting location is in the extreme southwestern portion of the map on the peninsula. It’s west of the Pests in the Garden personal letter. There are two paths leading west just before the pavilion, with each leading to this area.

And there you have it: all of the collectibles and starting locations in The Atlantic Wall, Sniper Elite 5‘s first mission. For more guides leading to the game’s intel, stone eagles, and workbenches, like those for Spy AcademyWar Factory, and the Kill Hitler DLC, head on over to our guides hub for SE5

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