The two best squad compositions for Dark Angels and Genestealers in Space Hulk: Tactics.

Space Hulk Tactics Guide: Best Starter Squad Compositions

The two best squad compositions for Dark Angels and Genestealers in Space Hulk: Tactics.
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Regardless of the mode you want to compete in Space Hulk: Tactics, it is always a good idea to have an optimally balanced squad composition ready for both races of the Terminators and Genestealers.

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Of course, you can try out many different options and see how each composition does for you, but if you’re looking for a quick victory, then follow our guide for the best starter squad composition in Space Hulk: Tactics below.

Dark Angels Squad Composition

In case you’re playing with the Terminators, the best starting chapter would be Dark Angels. It has some of the most powerful cards in the game, and the following composition makes the best out of each of them:

1x Sergeant

Here you have two choices: one with the Power Sword and Storm Bolter, and the other one with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield. The first one is clearly on the offensive side, while the other one offers a more defensive approach.

Here it is recommended to choose Sergeant with the Storm Bolter. It allows you to control the area as far as 12 squares, so you won’t even need to use melee or shield. This is clearly the best choice for your squad’s leader.

3x Heavy Weapon Bearer

You can choose to play with Assault Terminators here, but Heavy Weapon Bearers have a better choice of weapons. Here are the weapon suggestions for all three of them:

  • 2x Assault Cannon
  • 1x Plasma Cannon

The Assault Cannons aren’t as powerful as Storm Bolters, but they have the advantage of free shooting if your Terminator made a move this turn. The Cannons also are not limited by the number of squares, so if you see a Genestealer — you will be able to shoot it no matter what.

The Plasma Cannon is an excellent choice against Blips or swarms of Genestealers. It affects all targets in the 3×3 area, which can deal with several aliens at once.

1x Librarian

Your last free slot can be reserved for either a Librarian or Apothecary. You can choose either of them, but Librarian is a slightly better choice. He can quickly transfer his AP to one of your other squad members and even reduce the number of Genestealers in a single Blip.

Genestealers Squad Composition

Creating a squad of Genestealers involves a slightly different strategy, since here you can’t choose your leader. It’s always the same and the only thing you can do is change its appearance.

But you can adjust the rest of the four slots with the following choices:

2x Bulwark Biomorph

Usually, Genestealers have 6 APs per turn, but Bulwarks have only 4. Here you pay the price of 2 AP for a superior evasive body of the Bulwark. The Terminators will have a hard time targeting and actually hitting this Genestealer.

On top of that, it allows you to play some exciting cards that guarantee three Genestealers within one Blip, which is a great deal. Lastly, it can significantly reduce the amount of damage dealt by Terminators in the melee combat.

2x Reaperfex Biomorph

In order to compensate for Bulwark’s lack of APs you can opt for two Reaperfex Biomorphs that have 8 APs per turn. But that’s not it, what makes them incredible in any battle is the ability to move through occupied squares which gives you a massive tactical advantage, saves you additional APs, and most importantly, it saves you time.

But if you think that two Reaperfex is too much, then you can go for 1x Reaperfex and 1x Broodlord. But never ever take Miasmic Biomorphs, as they are the weakest of all Genestealers.

Both squad compositions have shown excellent results during Skirmishes and Quick Matches in Space Hulk: Tactics. But be free to adjust them to your own liking, and come back soon for more related guides here at GameSkinny!

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