Everything there is to know about Star Ocean: Anamnesis' newest boss, Jie Revorse.

Star Ocean Anamnesis: Jie Revorse Boss Guide

Everything there is to know about Star Ocean: Anamnesis' newest boss, Jie Revorse.
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The latest update for Star Ocean: Anamnesis dropped on July 24 and brought with it not only new characters, but also a new boss for players to take on. There are some sweet rewards available in exchange for the coins you farm by fighting the new boss Jie Revorse. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to make getting those coins as easy and fast as possible!

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As far as bosses go, this is definitely one of the more straightforward. There’s no real nuance; in fact, the main strategy is just to kill it as fast as possible. Jie Revorse has an “enraged mode” that kicks in if the fight goes on longer than seven minutes. Luckily, as far as I’ve seen, most fights against this boss only take one to two minutes, so that little tidbit shouldn’t cause you any trouble.

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Characters to Bring for the Fight

Most likely, due to some scheme to make the player-base spend more money, two of the characters from the new banner are especially great for taking down this boss.

We’ll go over those two, plus an additional character. 


Jie Revorse is weak to lightning, so Roddick is a solid pick. He deals plenty of lightning based attacks and symbologies. If you have one, throwing a Lightning Sword on him just makes him even better, giving him an extra 20% damage for his lightning attacks.


With lightning being the weakness to take advantage of, you can’t go wrong with bringing Myuria. Two high-damage lightning attacks and an explosive high damage Rush make her a solid character for bringing this foe down quickly.


Millie by herself is no great threat to the boss. She’s just a decent healer with adequate damage. What makes her a special threat to this boss is her passive which grants a buff of an additional +20% damage for all elemental attacks for the party. If you can get this character in with a Myuria or Roddick, then the boss will be dead before you know it.

If you don’t have any of these characters, don’t sweat it. Just bring a healer or someone who can deal a lot of damage and you’ll be fine.

Tips for the Fight

If you’re creating the lobby, I would personally recommend to not bring a tank. This enemy is hard to keep the attention of, so that slot is much better suited for bringing an additional high-damage dealing character. I would still bring along a healer, though. This boss has very explosive attacks, both figuratively and literally, so a healer is nice to have if things start going south.

Having three Myuria’s would melt most foes, but given that the boss is weak to lightning and Millie buffs all of their lightning moves, this combo is just criminally good. 

Strategy for Stage 1

This battle just jumps right into the meat of things. Unlike the other Boss Fights before it, there are no weenie stages before the big fight. Once the game begins, I recommend immediately dashing right or left, whichever is closer. This boss occasionally just dashes straightforward at the start, so you could potentially avoid getting scuffed up right off of the bat.

This boss has two “modes.” There is the mode that it starts off as and in this mode. it has three moves it can use. After sustaining an unknown amount of damage, it will start glowing red and gain use of an additional move.

Boss Moves


The boss basically just zooms forward quickly, damaging everything in its path.

Arm Thrash


Similar to Zoom, except it waves its arms around trying to smash everything in front of it.



The Robot strikes a T-Pose and then fires six rockets. They hang for a second, and then zoom toward whatever character(s) the boss has aggroed.



This is the one that unlocks when Jie Revorse goes into its low-health glow mode. Basically, this just does a huge backflip, knocking up everything that is in close proximity.

This is basically all you need to know. Jie Revorse’s not an incredibly difficult boss. Just as long as your team has relatively high damage output and a healer to make up for any mistakes that occur, you should have no problem getting those sweet event rewards. 

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Bonus Clip: Here is a run of that team I recommended above.

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