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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor — How to Find the Gorge’s Secret

Here's how to find the Gorge's secret treasure in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

The Gorge’s Secret Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is one rumor that you can tackle during the campaign, though you won’t be able to your first time through the overarching area. For this rumor, you’ll need to obtain a treasure in a previously inaccessible portion of the region. Our guide below helps you find the secret and the treasure, as well as other important items you can grab along the way.

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Where to Find the Gorge’s Secret Location in Jedi Survivor

You can start this particular rumor on Koboh in the Rambler’s Reach Outpost area after clearing the Forest Array section. You’ll spot an NPC just behind Pyloon’s Saloon (close to the door leading to Cal’s room).

Once you learn of the Gorge’s Secret, head back to the Derelict Dam. Remember that Trontoshell dinosaur that you saw earlier in the game? Go near it and target it. While targeting it, press the tame animal/call mount button.

The dinosaur-like creature will move its head closer to Cal, allowing you to climb on its neck and jump off to a separate cliffside area. This will lead you to the Winding Ravine zone.

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Gorge’s Secret Treasure Location

The Winding Ravine is a fairly small zone, and there are two main paths. You’ll see these after you wall-run past the caves and take out the Gorocco.

The first path leads you to a slightly open area, where you’ll have to wall-run and Force Pull a rope. If you follow the loop around, you can ride a Relter that will take you to a ridge.

There, you can pick up the Hunter Lightsaber cosmetic set, which will complete the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Gorge’s Secret sidequest. That’s not all there is to get in this area, however. You can also use the shortcut to get back down to the initial section to find more items.

Other Items in the Winding Ravine

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Here’s a list of the items you can find in the Winding Ravine:

  • Priorite Shard #1 — In the first cavern that you enter, wall-run to the right instead of going out the exit.
  • Priorite Shard #2 — In the same open area where you have to wall-run and grab a rope. Once you’re swinging on the rope, turn around and do a double-jump and air dash to reach the pillar.
  • Koboh Seed Pods — In the same open area mentioned above, ride the first Relter and jump off at the closer ridge.
  • Cosmetic Chest #1 — In the opposite section of this zone, you can wall-run and hop off to reach the middle gap.
  • Essence Crystal — In the opposite section of this zone, you should see an Essence Crystal on top of a ledge that you won’t be able to reach normally. Use Force Push on the block so you can climb up and follow the loop up top. You can then Force Push another block. Get the two blocks on top of each other to reach the Essence Crystal. You can see this in the image below.
  • Cosmetic Chest #2 — After grabbing the Essence Crystal, have both blocks on top of each other. Then, push them to the other side of the wall. You can then wall-run and hop on the block to reach the chest.

With that, you know how to find the Gorge’s Secret quest-giver, the rumor’s treasure, and all of the other items you can grab on this side quest. For other tips and walkthroughs, visit our Jedi: Survivor guides hub.

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