Starfield: How to Get Hunter Armor and Weapon

Here's how to get the Hunter armor and weapon in Starfield.

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The Hunter is one of the major characters you’ll encounter as you near the end of the Starfield campaign. A being ancient beyond measure, he numbers among the oldest and most powerful of the Starborn. His weapon is also one of the best in the game. It’s a single-shot rifle called Unmitigated Violence, and his armor is up there among the top-tier spacesuits, as well. Here’s how to get the Hunter armor and weapon in Starfield. Note: major spoilers follow.

How to Get the Hunter Armor and Weapon in Starfield

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The Hunter’s weapon, Unmitigated Violence, is much easier to get than his armor. Here’s how to get both.

  • Hunter weapon: Side with the Emissary near the end of the campaign. Killing the Hunter guarantees he drops the weapon.
  • Hunter armor: Reach NG+10. Yep, you have to hit New Game Plus 10 times.

Important Notes on the Hunter Armor and Weapon in Starfield

The catch with the Hunter’s weapon is that if you go into New Game Plus (and you’ll need to), you can’t take it with you. You do get some swanky Starborn armor of your own, but you lose everything else.

You also get a different set of Starborn armor (as well as a better Starborn ship) with each NG cycle. So it follows that you’ll eventually get the Hunter’s armor. When you enter the new universe in NG+10, the Hunter’s armor will be equipped to your character automatically.

By that point in the game, you’ll likely be at least Level 50 or much higher. The stats on the armor will be through the roof. Thankfully, if all you do is bull rush the main story, gather all the Artifacts, and go through the Unity, each NG cycle should only take you a couple of hours.

If you want absolutely everything Starfield has to offer, you’ll be spending at least a bit of time progressing through successive new games. However, the process is liable to take you hundreds of hours.

I recommend grabbing Unmitigated Violence when you finally decide to stop going through the Unity. Whether that’s at NG+10 or not, having the Hunter weapon is a good reminder that you’ve finally settled in a universe.

That’s how to get the Hunter armor and weapon in Starfield. There is, of course, no stopping you from continuing through New Game cycles. But at that point, wouldn’t you rather explore a bit? Look into content like getting the Star Eagle ship, romancing the likes of Sarah Morgan, and more things we’ve covered in our Starfield guides hub.

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