Stranded Deep Speargun: How to Craft and Use It

Here's how to craft and use the speargun in Stranded Deep.

Here's how to craft and use the speargun in Stranded Deep.

Getting the Stranded Deep speargun is essential if you want to hunt and catch some of the game’s larger fish and prey, including the great white shark, the moray eel, and other large animals and bosses. This tips guide will show you how to craft and use speargun, helping you get off the hook in sticky situations. 

Below, we’ll go over the crafting recipes for both the speargun and speargun arrows. We’ll also show you how to use the speargun while hunting and fishing. 

Stranded Deep Speargun Guide

Speargun Crafting Recipe

Here are components necessary for crafting the speargun:

  • 1x leather
  • 1x duct tape
  • 2x stick
  • 1x air tank

Air tanks can only be found inside hard cases and lockers in shipwrecks. Duct tape can be found in crates; sticks can be found lying on the ground or by chopping wooden logs, driftwood piles, and Ficus trees; and leather can be crafted at the tanning rack and can be found by skinning boars and sharks. 

Crafting Recipe for Speargun Arrows

The speargun cannot shoot ordinary arrows. Instead, it uses special speargun arrows. Here is the crafting recipe for one speargun arrow:

  • 1x stick
  • 1x lashing

We’ve outlined how to find sticks above, but you can find lashing by cutting down small palm saplings and yucca trees, or by picking up four leaves from the ground. You can craft lashings in your crafting menu. 

Using a Speargun in Hunting and Fishing

To use the speargun, all you need to do is aim by pressing the “L2/LT” buttons on PS4 and Xbox One or “RMB” on PC.

When you’re ready to shoot, press “LMB” on PC or “Square” on PS4/”X” on Xbox One.

That’s it on how to craft and use the speargun in Stranded Deep. Whether you’re diving in the battleship or traversing your island, the speargun is a powerful weapon to have in your inventory.

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