Stranded Deep Guide: How to Get Lashing

Wondering how to get Stranded Deep lashings? This quick guide shows you everything you need to know to craft lashing.

Stranded Deep lashing is used in almost every one of the game's recipes, whether it's a building or a tool. Consequently, you will need to craft as many lashings as possible during your playthrough (even if you're trying to cure poison).

This Stranded Deep guide will show you where to find lashing materials and how to craft lashings.

How to Get Lashing in Stranded Deep

1. Craft a Stone Tool

Before attempting to craft lashings, you will need a cutting tool. Something as simple as a stone tool or a stone knife will work.

To craft a stone tool, you must find a simple stone lying anywhere on the ground, pick it up, and use it in your crafting menu to create a stone tool.

2. Cut a Small Palm Tree

Small palm sapling and yucca trees can be found almost anywhere in the wild of Stranded Deep. Palm saplings look like very small spikey bushes (about a foot or two tall), while yucca trees look like tall spears with palm fronds sticking out (about six feet tall).

It will take a single chop to harvest a small palm sapling, while it will take about 10 chops with a stone tool to get the fibrous leaves from a yucca tree. 

Pick up at four leaves to craft one lashing.

3. Craft Lashing

After you've picked up four fibrous leaves, use them in your crafting menu to create one lashing. If you need more lashings, then cut more palm trees and collect more leaves. Rinse and repeat.


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Published May. 21st 2020

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