How to Get Leather in Stranded Deep

A quick guide on how to get leather in Stranded Deep using rawhide and the tanning rack.

Leather may only be used for seven items in Stranded Deep, but it is an important crafting item nonetheless. You'll certainly be in need of the Refined Axe the further you get into the survival game, and the Speargun is essential for deep-sea defense. Even the Waterskin is important for long adventures.

Leather can be crafted from two materials, which can be hard to get in the beginning. However, follow all the steps below, and we'll show you just how to get leather. 

How to Get Leather in Stranded Deep

Before crafting leather, you need to obtain rawhide, which can be skinned off of boars and sharks. You can find tips on how to kill sharks in this guide.

After you get a piece of rawhide, you need to craft a tanning rack. Here's the crafting recipe:

  • 4x Lashing
  • 4x Wood Stick

You can get Lashing by following this guide, and Wood Sticks can be picked up on the ground or from trees by cutting them down. And no, palm trees do not grow back, so harvest them wisely. 

After crafting the tanning rack, follow these steps to craft leather:

  1. Open the Crafting menu
  2. Select the "Tools" tab
  3. Select the "Leather" option

Crafting Recipes Using Leather

Finally, after crafting your first piece of leather you can use it for crafting the following items:

Refined Axe
1x Leather
1x Stone Tool
1x Crude Axe
Refined Pick
2x Leather
2x Stone Tool
1x Stick
Refined Spear
1x Leather
1x Stone Tool
1x Crude Spear
Sleeping Bag
3x Stick
3x Leather
3x Cloth
Speargun 1x Leather
1x Duct Tape
2x Stick
1x Air Tank
Water Skin
1x Stick
2x Leather
1x Tanning Rack
Tool Belt Pouch 3
2x Leather


That's it on how to get leather in Stranded Deep. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out some of our other guides for the game.

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Published May. 21st 2020

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