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Grizzbolt pal smiles wickedly in Palworld
Image via Pocketpair

10 Strongest Pals in Palworld and How to Get Them

Here's my list of the top 10 strongest pals in Palworld, including tips on how to get them all.

There are hundreds of different Pals in the game, but my guide will focus on the top 10 strongest Pals in Palworld, including tips on how to get them all. Note that all Pals listed below are between Levels 45-50, so be well prepared before facing them.

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Top 10 Strongest Pals in Palworld and Where to Find Them

10. Astegon

Astegon is a Dark Dragon Pal who has two powerful attacks, such as Dark Laser and Dragon Meteor. Both can be used to great effect during any combat, which will force your opponents to constantly roll and sprint to avoid their massive damage. On top of that, Astegon is a flying mount who has high-level mining skills for getting such materials as Stone, Ore, and Sulfur. But I have to warn you that it’s weak against the Ice element and other Dragon types.

You can find Astegon inside the Destroyed Mineshaft on Obsidian Mountain at coordinates -576, -421. Another possible location is the Wildlife Sanctuary #3 island. You can also breed Astegon using the following parents:

  • Elizabee + Blazamut
  • Cryolinx + Grizzbolt
  • Cryolinx + Helzephyr
  • Pyrin Noct + Suzaku
  • Reptyro + Blazamut
  • Mammorest + Blazamut
  • Pyrin Noct + Shadowbeak

9. Grizzbolt

Grizzbolt pal stands with his hands spread out in Palworld
Image via Pocketpair

Grizzbolt combines three elements, such as Fire, Dark, and Electric, to execute three highly efficient attacks, including Spirit Fire, Dark Laser, and Electric Ball. But my personal favorite skill of this Pal is the Yellow Tank, which allows you to shoot a minigun while riding a Grizzbolt. Although this Pal has many elemental synergies, its main element is Electric, which makes it especially weak against the Ground types.

The only place where I was able to locate Grizzbolt is the Wildlife Sanctuary #1 island, which can be seen at the southernmost point of the world map and to the northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings at coordinates 111, -432. But you can also breed it using the following couple of parents:

  • Mossanda + Rayhound

8. Jetragon

A human character rides on Jetragon's back in Palworld
Image via Pocketpair

Jetragon is a pure Dragon Pal with flying abilities and two of the most powerful attacks in Palworld, such as Fire Ball and Dragon Meteor. But most importantly, you can shoot a missile launcher weapon when Jetragon is mounted. I highly regard this Pal as the best flying mount in the game due to its unparalleled aerial mobility. But just like any other Fire-type Pal, Jetragon is quite weak against the Ice element.

This is also one of the rarest Pals around, which cannot be bred from any other species. I also discovered only one possible location where it appears. You need to travel to the northern part of the Beach of Everlasting Summer on the Obisidian Mountain at coordinates -789, -321. At times, you may also get lucky and find Huge Dragon Eggs in the area that may also span Jetragon.

Map showing Jetragon's location in Palworld
Screenshot by GameSkinny

7. Necromus

Necromus is a legendary and purely Dark Pal, which makes him useful against all other types of Pals and throughout all the regions on the map. His two best attacks are Twin Spears and Dark Laser, and his unique skill is the Dark Knight of the Abyss. This ability allows you to double jump while mounted. The only type of Pals that can pose any challenge to Necromus is the Dragon species.

Just like Jetragon, this Pal can’t be bred from other Pals, but you can find and fight him in the northwestern area of the Sand Dunes biome at coordinates 446, 681.

6. Paladius

Map of the Desert Biome showing Paladius' location
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Paladius is the counterpart of the Necromus, having a similar design but different elements. While Necromus is a Dark Pal, Paladius is a Neutral Pal, and that makes them the most fitting antagonists, being the only Pals capable of resisting each other. The two best attacks of Paladius are Spear Thrust and Pal Blast, while the unique Holy Knight of the Firmament skill allows you to triple jump when mounted.

Paladius can be found at the same spot as the Necromus, which is the northwestern area of the Sand Dunes biome at coordinates 446, 681.

5. Shadowbeak

Shadowbeak is a flying Pal with modified DNA, which allows it to use such powerful Dark element attacks as Divine Disaster and Dark Laser. Also, if you mount Shadowbeak, all your Dark skills will be enhanced, which makes it an excellent choice for fighting the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower boss. Just like all Dark Pals, Shadowbeak is vulnerable only to Dragon Pals.

Shadowbeak is one of the few endgame Pals that can actually be bred by combining other Pals, which in this case are Kitsun and Astegon.

4. Anubis

Anubis pal uses his powerful attack skill in Palworld
Image via Pocketpair

Anubis is a powerful Ground Pal with some incredibly diverse skills, including Spinning Roundhouse, Forceful Charge, Ground Smash, and Rock Lance. But my personal favorite of his is the Guardian of the Desert skill, which allows you to not only enhance your Ground attacks but also dodge incoming attacks using a speedy sidestep technique. The only type of Pals that can pose a serious threat to Anubis is the Grass species.

You can either find Anubis to the northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant at coordinates -130, -96, or breed him using the following Pal combos:

  • Incineram + Surfent
  • Nitewing + Rayhound
  • Penking + Bushi
  • Arsox + Pyrin
  • Caprity + Beakon
  • Mossanda + Katress
  • Eikthyrdeer + Beakon

3. Blazamut

Map showing Blazamut's Location
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Blazamut is one of the most powerful Fire Pals in Palworld. His two biggest attacks are Rock Lance and Fire Ball, and he’s capable of enhancing all of your Fire attacks while mounted. Additionally, Blazamut has a high level Kindling proficiency, which allows you to refine all of your mined Ore a lot faster, which is especially useful when building or crafting. But beware of his weakness to Water element attacks and Pals.

I was able to locate Blazamut’s spawn area by researching the Scorching Mineshaft on the Obsidian Mountain at coordinates -436, -529.

2. Jormuntide

Jormuntide is a Water Dragon Pal with some of the most useful abilities and powerful Electric, Dragon, and Water-based attacks, such as Tri-Lightning, Hydro Laser, and Dragon Meteor. But I believe that Jormuntide’s best trait is its Stormbringer Sea Dragon skill, which allows you to travel on water without spending your Stamina.

Fortunately, you can get this extremely useful Pal in several ways: either by finding it in the open world or by breeding from other Pals. Here are a couple of spots where Jormuntide can be found:

  • Southeast of the Investigator’s Fork at coordinates -176, -268.
  • East of the Mossandra Forest at coordinates 351, -85.

Here are all the possible breeding combinations that can spawn Jormuntide:

  • Cinnamoth + Cryolinx
  • Sweepa + Beakon
  • Nitewing + Grizzbolt
  • Mossanda + Helzephyr
  • Nitewing + Helzephyr
  • Cinnamoth + Orserk
  • Penking + Jetragon

1. Jormuntide Ignis

If you like Jormuntide, but wish there was a Fire Dragon version, then be sure to check out Jormuntide Ignis. This variant has basically the same attacks as its Water counterpart, but its unique skill enhances all your Fire attacks while mounted, making him the current strongest Fire Pal in the game.

Unlike regular Jormuntide, this Pal can’t be bred, and there’s only one place where you can find Jormuntide Ignis, and that’s Wildlife Sanctuary #2, which is an island located to the north of Obsidian Mountain.

I hope my guide on the 10 strongest pals in Palworld helped you out. Stay tuned for more PW tips and tricks articles, including where to find all dungeon locations, and where to find all settlement locations.

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