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What’s the Difference Between Regular, Large, and Huge Eggs in Palworld?

Eggs come in many different sizes in Palworld, and those sizes mean differnet things.

Out in the wilds, you’ll find different kinds of multi-colored Pal eggs. They come in several sizes, including regular, Large, and Huge. So, what’s the difference between egg sizes in Palworld? Let’s discuss.

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What You Get From Different Egg Sizes in Palworld

A Large Electric Egg in Oalworld
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Note that the eggs in question aren’t those laid by a Chikipi that can be cooked. Rather, these are larger, colorful eggs you find in the wild with monikers like Damp, Frozen, Dark, Dragon, or other Pal-type identifiers. They also come in various sizes. Regular-sized eggs have no prefix, so they’re named simply Damp Egg, Frozen Egg, and so on.

The primary difference I’ve found between each egg size is the power and rarity of the Pal inside it. The type of Pal awarded appears to be region and level-based. For example, two standard Damp Eggs have rewarded me with a Fuack and a Celaray. Not bad Pals to have early in an adventure, but not game-breakers. You can also usually find them in groups below level 10 or even 5, and almost always in starting areas.

Stats for a newly hatched Rayhoud Pal in Palworld
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Large Eggs reward Pals you’d find in areas with average levels around 15-20 that are a bit farther afield from the starting zones. A Large Electric Egg I found yielded a Rayhound, a dog-like Electric type with level two Generating Electricity.

Stats from a hatched Relaxaurus in Palworld
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Huge Eggs award Pals you’ll find at or around level 30 and up. I managed to find a Huge Dragon Egg that yielded a Relaxaurus, a Pal I’d only seen in rare, incredibly dangerous raids on my base. In the raids, the Relaxaurus were all level 28 or 29.

More to Know About Pal Eggs

Two eggs incubating in Palworld
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There are a few additional details about egg size you should know, particularly the time it takes to hatch something.

  • The larger the egg, the longer the incubation time. Like warming or cooling an Incubator with an egg in it, it takes more or less time to hatch an egg based on its size. A regular-sized egg takes less than 10 real-life minutes to hatch. A Huge egg requires over an hour of real-world time.
  • You can fit any egg size into the incubator. Palworld Incubator buildings only come in one size, and no matter the size of the egg, it should fit inside. The only difference is the time it takes to hatch and how much effort you need to expend to keep it comfortable.
  • Newly hatched Pals are always level one. Like in Pokemon, a brand new baby Pal will always hatch at level one. They grow at the same rate as the Pals you capture, and if you want to power-level them, keep them in your party as you adventure, capturing and fighting. My Relaxaurus went from level one to 16 in an hour of casual play, for instance.

With that, you now know everything I know about eggs and egg sizes in Palworld. Like a lot else in the game, it’s not particularly complex and follows some pretty straightforward logic. For more Pal-based content, check out our Palworld guides hub.

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