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Tarisland Warrior Build — Best Abilities and Ultimates

Go full offense or get all tanky with the help of our build guide for Warrior class in Tarisland.

Warrior class in Tarisland has two main specializations: Rage and War Shield. The first one will fit players who want to be as offensive as possible, while the second one is designed specifically for tanks. Here, I’ll show you the best Warrior abilities and ultimates in Tarisland for both types of builds.

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Tarisland: How to Play as Rage Warrior

The Rage Warrior build is all about attacking and dealing damage. The best skill you can use against a strong enemy, whether a boss or an elite enemy, is the Armor Pen, which is capable of breaking even the strongest defenses. Once the protection is broken, use the combo of Cross Slash and Fury Blade or Final Attack to deal lethal damage. When facing a crowd of enemies, be sure to use Blade Cyclone.

Best Rage Warrior Abilities in Tarisland

The following abilities cover all possible attack scenarios for the Rage Warrior build:

Armor PenBreaks target’s protection with a powerful strike, dealing Physical DMG of 299% + 291.
Blade CycloneAttacks all enemies within 5m for 14 sec. Each attack deals Physical DMG of 31% + 42.
Cross SlashQuickly launch an attack at the target twice, dealing 27% Phyical DMG of your ATK + 26.
Final AttackDeals 146% Physical DMG of your ATK + 413, and grants you 2 Rage.
Fury BladeDeals 146% Physical DMG of your ATK + 143.

Best Rage Warrior Ultimates in Tarisland

These ultimates will help you sustain survivability when going solo and keep pushing that damage:

Break FreeInstantly removes all Root and Control effects on you.
ThreatenDeals 40% DMG to all enemies within 8m and inflicts Deceleration for 6 sec.
Winning HungerInstantly recovers 20% HP.
ChargeCharge towards the target enemy quickly and Root the enemy for 3 sec.
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Tarisland: How to Play as War Shield Warrior

The War Shield build is entirely different, prioritizing the tanky strategy over fast attacks. When facing a group of enemies, activate the Sturdy Barrier to absorb damage, and then use Storm Trample to defeat them all at once. If you’re facing a single large target, like a boss, then combine Shield Assault with Shield Bash, interchanging one with the other. This will protect you and allow you to attack simultaneously, while Last Stand will heal you up.

Best War Shield Warrior Abilities in Tarisland

In this case, I’ve chosen abilities that are mostly designed to help you hold the ground, but there are also a few neat attacks as well:

Last StandYour max HP will be boosted by 29% + 1045 and your HP will be instantly recovered by 21% + 751.
Shield AssaultUses Shield to launch an attack, dealing Physical DMG equal to 88% + 57 of your ATK and restoring 12 Resilience.
Shield BashUses Shield to launch an attack, dealing Physical DMG equal to 160% + 101 of your ATK and restoring 9 Resilience.
Storm TrampleYour max HP will be boosted by 29% + 1045, and your HP will be instantly recovered by 21% + 751.
Sturdy BarrierAbsorbs DMG equal to 12% + 257 of your max HP for 10 sec.

Best War Shield Warrior Ultimates in Tarisland

Every tank build needs taunt spells to be effective, which are the main focus of the following ultimates:

Challenge RoarTaunts all enemies within 8m.
ProvokeTaunts a single-target enemy.
Squall StrikeUnleashes a shockwave at all enemies and inflicts Stun for 3 sec.
SlamSlams the target to interrupt the spellcasting.

That’s it for my list of the best Warrior abilities and ultimates in Tarisland. Stay tuned for more Tarisland tips and tricks articles right here.

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