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Top 10 Best Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader Weapons

Looking for some weapon recommendations for your party? Here are our top 10 best weapons in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader.

As in any CRPG, the various Acts of Rogue Trader are filled with superb weapons both in terms of melee and ranged options. We wanted to outline some notable ones throughout the story having various builds in mind. Here are our top 10 best weapons in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader.

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What are the 10 Best Weapons in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader?


This is a neat Act I weapon that combines the best of both worlds when it comes to revolvers and shotguns. It deals decent damage but more importantly, has the shotgun knockback effect with the shot costing only 1AP. It’s excellent in dual-wielding setups and can knock back an enemy that’s in melee range with one of your allies so that they can escape without provoking Attacks of Opportunity. You can snag it on Rykadi Philia through The Chosen Ones quest.

Unstable Flamer

A great early to mid-game flamer option that I’ve been using on my Argenta to clear out groups. Flamers don’t have the best armor penetration but they can sure decimate groups of weaker mobs. The Unstable Flamer even has a slightly larger range than other Flamer weapons allowing you to get into position more easily. You can counter the self-immolate downside with the Fire Blessed Carapace.

Sworn Protector

Acquired on Oasis V through the Bunker, this two-handed Las rifle is the perfect mid-range weapon. Sporting decent damage, a dodge penalty of 30, and high armor penetration, it can be the perfect boss killer in the right hands. I mostly use it for its Burst Fire since you can fire it ten times before reloading with its vast magazine of 40. Note that it does require Iconoclast – Adherent but it grants you a +1 to resolve for each enemy killed.

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Splinter Cannon

This is a brutal Drukhari class weapon with an enormous ammo capacity of 96. Both the base and Piercing version can kill bosses on Soldier builds and mow down groups with Burst Fire easily. This is because of its Toxic energy damage fire mode. You can find the base version on Rykad Majoris though make sure to have enough Strength to wield it. Furthermore, you’ll need Drukhari Weapon Proficiency with a single dip into Lore (Xenos). Note that Heinrix and Jae are already proficient with Drukhari weapons.

Wraithbone Staff

This is one of the best Psyker melee weapons in the game. Not only does it provide +15 to Willpoer and +10 to Perception but it also gives you the Consign ability. It makes it so that the wielder’s Divination Psyker powers have a 50% chance not to increase Veil Degradation which is excellent for Idira. The weapon does require an Unsanctioned Psyker to wield it after all.

Inferno Pistol

You can snag this pistol from one of the first major Hereticus decisions. It has major boss-killer potential with its 50% armor penetration due to being a Melta weapon. The great damage is balanced by its three-shot maximum before reloading but those three shots will carry you in Act I. I’ve found it exceptionally strong with the AoE blast option which you should almost always use over the Single Shot.

Ancient Force Sword

If you’re looking for a weapon to equip on your melee-focused Psykers, then the Ancient Force Sword is a great option. It’s found by solving the Khraves statue puzzle in the Latotian’s Passage on the Dead World’s Unidentified Ruins. It’s quite strong on Heinrix or other Biomancy/Sanctic-focused Psykers as its damage scales with Psy Rating. Combine this with its already great base damage and armor penetration and you got yourself a great Force weapon.

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Scorpion Sting

Scorpion Sting is a heavy-hitting one-handed melee weapon that requires Drukhari Weapon Proficiency. Its Venomous Strike and Venomous Slash attacks can take down most bosses in two or three rounds. You’ll also benefit from a 10% increased Parry chance and you’ll impose a -10% penalty to Weapon Skill on enemies you hit. It’s acquired on the planet where you first meet with the Drukhari.


Speaking of boss killers, you cannot go wrong with a heavy two-handed Melta weapon that sports a whopping 60% armor penetration and can deal massive damage. This beast is usually mounted on Imperial Vehicles but you can use it as is with Strength 55. Its 3AP single shot is all well and good but you want that Melta Scorching area attack that can annihilate groups. It’s found in a safe in the Von Valancius Palace on Dargonus.

Precise Bolter

Bolters are the ol’reliable and one of the most reliable ones is the Precise Bolter purchased from Vladaym Tocara the Liege. It offers all the benefits of a bolter weapon with great damage, decent armor penetration, and great range. That said, we want this weapon for the +10% additional hit chance for our Burst Fire builds.

Honorable Mention: Melta Ultima

I also wanted to mention the Melta Ultima as a ranged weapon with one of the highest armor penetration ratings in the game of 75%. It offers many of the benefits that the Multimelta does albeit with lower Action Point costs. You can find it through the Flame in the Dark quest on Kiava Gamma. It’s behind a locked door after the first encounter with Fabricator-Censor Cubis Delphim.

This concludes my list of the top 10 weapons in Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader. For more WH40K RT guides, check out our Bounty Hunter and Arch Militant builds.

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