Urban Pictionary – Answers for All Levels

Answers for every Urban Pictionary level.
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 If you’re looking for Urban Pictionary answers, you’ve come to the right place! 

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(This game is packed with strong, offensive language. If wary of dirty language, Urban Pictionary is not the game for you.)

Below are all of the current answers to MobileX Labs’ Urban Pctionary for the iOS — a vulgar picture game that just may give you a good chuckle as you push through its levels.

You have surely noticed the game’s timelock system, which prevents you from going too fast. This can be bypassed by getting enough coins for “Pro” upgrade. You can obtain coins by answering questions the first time around, by spending a couple of dollars, or by installing and launching a number of other games found in “Free Coins ” section of the in-game store.

Below are not only the answers for each stage within a level, but also the example sentence shown in-game after answering correctly.

These handy links will take you down to each particular level:

Level 1 ~ Level 2 ~ Level 3 ~ Level 4 ~ Level 5 ~ Level 6

Level 1 answers

Level Answer
Level 1-1 Bull Shit 
Level 1-2 Ass Hole 
Level 1-3 Crack Head 
Level 1-4  Baby Maker
Level 1-5  Butter Face
Level 1-6  Blue Balls
Level 1-7  Brewski
Level 1-8 Bad Ass 
Level 1-9  Second Base
Level 1-10  Beer Goggles
Level 1-11  Coke Head
Level 1-12 Crop Dust
Level 1-13 Twerk 
Level 1-14 Doggy Style 
Level 1-15 Gold Digger 
Level 1-16  Happy Trail
Level 1-17 Blow Job 
Level 1-18 Moob 
Level 1-19  Mullet
Level 1-20 Circle Jerk 

Level 2 answers

Level Answer
Level 2-1  Sixy Nine
Level 2-2 Booty Call 
Level 2-3  Holy Shit
Level 2-4  Grenade
Level 2-5  Cock
Level 2-6  LOL
Level 2-7  Douche Bag
Level 2-8  Hooker
Level 2-9  Metro Sexual
Level 2-10  Cow Girl
Level 2-11 Back Door 
Level 2-12  French Kiss
Level 2-13  Man Cave
Level 2-14 Beef Curtains 
Level 2-15  Duck Face
Level 2-16 LMAO 

Level 3 answers

Level Answer
Level 3-1  Babe
Level 3-2 MILF 
Level 3-3  Dirt Ball
Level 3-4  Glory Hole
Level 3-5  Fat Ass
Level 3-6  Jugs
Level 3-7  Knocked Up
Level 3-8  Dip Shit
Level 3-9 Jerk Off 
Level 3-10  Limp Dick
Level 3-11  Ass Kisser
Level 3-12  Hot Shit
Level 3-13  Money Shot
Level 3-14 Mosquito Bites 
Level 3-15  Bitch Tits
Level 3-16  Deep Throat

Level 4 answers

Level Answer
Level 4-1  Lady Lumps
Level 4-2  Bitch Slap
Level 4-3 Jackass 
Level 4-4  Hipster
Level 4-5 Double Bag 
Level 4-6  Motor Boat
Level 4-7  Home Girl
Level 4-8  Night Cap
Level 4-9 Balls Deep
Level 4-10  Fake Bake
Level 4-11  Deep Shit
Level 4-12  Meat Head
Level 4-13  Kingpin
Level 4-14  Jail Bait
Level 4-15 Jungle Juice 
Level 4-16  Four Twenty

Level 5 answers

Level Answer
Level 5-1  Cock Block
Level 5-2  Ass to Mouth
Level 5-3 Knuckle Head 
Level 5-4 Damn 
Level 5-5  Ladies Man
Level 5-6  Nose Candy
Level 5-7 Dough Boy 
Level 5-8 Free Ball 
Level 5-9  Dome
Level 5-10  Dime Piece
Level 5-11  Free Ball
Level 5-12 Fruit Cake 
Level 5-13 Hammed 
Level 5-14 Horn Dog 
Level 5-15  Dutch Oven
Level 5-16  Hot Box

Level 6 answers

Level Answer
Level 6-1  Ghost Ride
Level 6-2  Hung
Level 6-3  Iced Out
Level 6-4  Raw Dog
Level 6-5  John
Level 6-6 Guido 
Level 6-7  Juice Head
Level 6-8 Band Wagon 
Level 6-9  JAP
Level 6-10 Jenkem 
Level 6-11  Knob Gobbler
Level 6-12  Cankle
Level 6-13  Kerfuffle
Level 6-14 Knackers 
Level 6-15  Moose Knuckle
Level 6-16  Mandal

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