Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader Rykad Minoris Choices Guide

Our Rykad Minoris choice guide helps you decide whether to destroy a planet and save its people or not in Rogue Trader.

rykad minoris planet destroyed
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With the defeat of the first major boss Aurora on Rykad Minoris comes one of the classic WH40K moral conundrums. The decision is whether to save the people or destroy the planet and stop the spread of chaos. Here’s our Rykad Minoris choice guide for Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader.

Best Rykad Minoris Choices for Dogmatic, Iconoclast, and Hereticus in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

As with many moral choices in Rogue Trader, your decision to save or destroy Rykad Minoris will affect your Conviction rank. Furthermore, there are some other consequences that affect your stats. Lastly, there are technically two choices here.

In short, the first choice presented is whether to destroy the planet or not. The second is whether to risk saving the commoners, nobles, or the valuable Miraculous Fusion Reactor. Let’s look at our choices through the three alignments:

  • Dogmatic: As per 40K lore, the Dogmatic choice would be to perform Exterminatus and destroy the planet, thus preventing the spread of daemonic forces. Indeed, this decision is accepted by everyone in your crew, especially the Inquisitor.
  • Iconoclast: If you choose to save any of the three options, your Iconoclast rank will go up by +15. However, saving anyone on the planet results in a lasting, though not permanent, debuff called the Malediction of Rykard Minoris, which reduces your Willpower by -5. Note that you can only save two out of the three options.
  • Hereticus: If you’re going all in on heretical decisions, your character doesn’t really care what happens here and whether daemons overtake the planet. There will be no mechanical debuffs no matter what you do. The best option for this Conviction is to leave the planet without saving anyone.

Other Important Rykad Minoris Consequences

rykad minoris planet succumbing to chaos
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First off, if you choose to save the Miraculous Fusion Reactor, no matter the consequences, you’ll receive +3 Profit Factor. Secondly, there’s one interesting dialogue box where the presence in your head shudders at saving the commoners and nobles. It seems that Aurora was perhaps planning on destroying the planet anyway in sacrifice to the chaos gods, and you saving them was against their plans.

Furthermore, saving and looting will lock you out of the option to blow up the world and it will be surrendered to chaos. So, I don’t recommend going down the Iconoclast route if you wish to blow up Rykad Minoris. Overall, there’s no great choice in WH40K; you’re balancing saving a few people against masses that will fuel a chaos-infested world. Be sure to solve the Warehouse puzzle, though, before you do anything!

That’s our Rykad Minoris choice guide for Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader. In the end, your choices come down to how you want to play your character and the game. Indeed, your Convictions play a huge role in what you end up doing. Choose wisely! For more walkthroughs, such as how to make the Servitors decision, how to navigate Dark Echelons, and what to do with the Thunderfang, click the links or check out our other WH40K guides right here.

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