Two giant red dots in Lethal Company.
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What is the Giant Red Dot in Lethal Company? Answered

Here's what the giant red dot on the monitor means in Lethal Company.

There are only a few monsters you have to contend with outdoors. The particularly large dot on the monitor is a scary prospect for new scrap scavengers. Let’s go into what the giant red dot in Lethal Company is so you’re prepared.

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The Giant Red Dot on the Monitor Explained

There’s only one monster in the game big enough to be the giant red dot you can see on the monitor, and it’s outdoor only. If you’ve played a little bit already, you probably know where I’m going with this: it’s the giant worm.

Some moons have Earth Leviathans on them, which are massive sandworms that can gobble you up in one bite. And you guessed it: that’s what the Lethal Company red dot means. These are the game’s largest creatures and some of the toughest for newer scrap scavengers to manage.

How to Survive an Earth Leviathan in Lethal Company

Earth Leviathans have an obvious tell if you’re out in the wilds. The ground rumbles. Once it’s about to strike, debris rattles up around you as the worm emerges for a ravenous jump.

Be sure to tell your crewmates if you’re on the ship, see a large red dot, and have a Walkie-talkie. Earth Leviathans roam the map looking for prey. It’s not uncommon for them to chase players in hopes of an easy meal.

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Someone who’s being stalked by one of these giant worms must rapidly change directions if they hear the rumbling. You may have to reposition left or right, or back or forward to avoid being eaten. You only have a couple of seconds to react to the sound and try to get away from it.

Every bit of knowledge will make you a better player. Now you know what the giant red dot in Lethal Company is and how to deal with it. Next, you just have to put it into practice. Check out some of our other LC guides here on GameSkinny, such as our massive tips and tricks guide and how to turn off turrets.

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