Wolcen’s Best Mage Builds

We've got three excellent mage builds focused on summoning, launching orbs, and using deadly staff attacks for Wolcen players.

We've got three excellent mage builds focused on summoning, launching orbs, and using deadly staff attacks for Wolcen players.

With no pre-defined classes and a rotating skill tree, Lords Of Mayhem has hundreds of possible magic or weapon focused builds. After some trial and error, we’ve whittle down three great Wolcen mage builds for you to give a go and do great with even at endgame.

After a series of major patches, Bleeding Edge is no longer the only viable build. Coupled with buffs to summons and fixes to various Gate Of Fates passive skills, a mage build is now finally worth playing.

Due to how the willpower / rage system works, there is less opportunity to constantly sling devastating spells here than in some other ARPGs. You will have to revert to basic attacks to regenerate willpower to get the spells going again, but there are some ways around that restriction if you take the right nodes.

Since you can swap skills based on which type of weapon is equipped, its also possible to effectively have a mage build even when using a pistol or sword. Both of those weapon types have long range magic type effects that are essentially on par with a spell caster from any other ARPG.

Let’s take a look at our top 3 Wolcen mage builds with three very different play styles.

Wolcen Summoner Mage Build

Now that summons have been significantly buffed with the Wolcen patch, a mage with a horde of pets is viable and a lot of fun to play.

We’ve got a split focus here to stay alive. Build up three summon skills as far as you can, but then also have both a ranged spell and a crowd control spell in case enemies get through your army.

For your ranged spell, you want something that can be spammed frequently, bounces between enemies, and has the possibility of slowing down hordes. 

We picked Thunderstrike, because it can bounce so many times and cause shock. Though there are other options if your equipment doesn’t work well with shock damage.

Next up, Winter’s Grasp offers excellent crowd control in a circular radius when you are getting swarmed, although it can be swapped out with Tear of Etheliel or Arctic Spear if you prefer those spells instead.

On the Gate of Fates side, we’re going to make a beeline straight from Scholar to Cabalist to Plaguebringer. Once there, take every node that gives a buff to your summons, as well as the skill to automatically poisons any enemies nearby for further crowd control.

Primary Skills

  • Feeding Swarm
  • Hunting Swarm
  • Livor Mortis
  • Thunderstrike
  • Winter’s Grasp

Gate Of Fates Nodes

  • Plaguebringer: Bog Bodies
  • Plaguebringer: Sloughing Skins of Swarms
  • Plaugebringer: Heads Hang Low
  • Plaguebringer: Toxic Emanations

Wolcen Havoc Mage Build

Here’s a rarity in a mage build. This one doesn’t rely on ailments at all (although you can add more ailment modifiers to the primary skill), or do any sort of pet summoning or crowd control.

Instead, we’re going to focus mainly on Havoc Orb, which is another strong contender for nerfs after Bleeding Edge was cut down to size.

Although the description says “fire”, note that this projectile skill doesn’t actually do fire damage (although that may change in an upcoming patch). 

When picking Havoc Orc’s skill modifiers focus on increasing the effect radius, critical damage, and range.

To make this build work, put most of your attribute points into Ferocity at essentially a 10:1 ratio of everything else. You want to deal the most critical damage possible so that Havoc Orb is constantly dishing out huge amounts of damage in a small radius.

Any equipment or Gate Of Fate nodes that decrease transfer time will be helpful since you will empty out your rage bar quickly. While navigating the nodes, we’ll take some Soldier, Assassin, and Ranger passives for bonus to crit % and damage, and then dovetail into Warlock for the bonus to rage. 

Want to add a further mage flavor here? Take the Anomaly staff skill to cluster enemies into a tight formation before launching Havoc Orb, then finish off your Gate Of Fates nodes by moving form Warlock to Time Weaver.

Primary Skills

  • Havoc Orb
  • Mark Of Impurity (to further increase damage against hard to kill enemies)

Gate Of Fate Nodes

  • Soldier: Heavy Blows
  • Soldier: Zealous Might
  • Soldier: The Wild Card
  • Sentinel: Refined Technique
  • Sentinel: Precise Strikes
  • Assassin: Weak Spot Focus
  • Assassin: Killer Instinct
  • Assassin: Merciless Lethality (Since you will crit so often, the regular damage debuff isn’t much of a drawback.)
  • Ranger: Puncturing Shot
  • Ranger: Shoot to Kill
  • Ranger: Archion’s Teachings (For extra orbs.)
  • Warlock: Twisted Obligation
  • Warlock: Duty To Exterminate

Wolcen Staff Master Mage Build

This build revolves around using Infinity Blades, which lets you regain more willpower as you hit enemies with your staff before firing off your other skills.

On the Gate of Fate nodes, focus on buffs to ailments and occult damage while simultaneously lowering willpower costs.

You probably want to equip heavy armor since you will be in the thick of things, but what if you want to make yourself a bit less squishy still?

In that case, take a detour on the Gate Of Fate nodes to hit up the Siegebreaker skills for block chance and health regeneration.

Primary Skills

  • Infinity Blades
  • Solarfall
  • Bulwark of Dawn
  • Plagueburst
  • Anomaly 

Gate Of Fate Nodes

  • Scholar: Heightened Concentration
  • Scholar: Quick Draw
  • Scholar: Attrition Strategist
  • Cabalist: Tenacious Afflictiosn
  • Cabalist: Magical Mastery
  • Cabalist: Power of the First Men
  • Abyssal Shaper: Unholy Omen
  • Abyssal Shaper: Occult Affliction
  • Abyssal Shaper: Oath of Damnation

What’s your favorite Wolcen mage build, and will you be trying out any of our builds above? Sound off in the comments below, then be sure to check out our other Wolcen tips and hints here:

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