Wolcen: What is Resource Generation?

We explain how to get bonus willpower and rage, as well as how Wolcen's Resource Generation ability is supposed to work.

As any Wolcen player knows, the game's resource management is a little different than that see in other ARPGs such as Diablo. Instead of spamming mana potions like usual, there is a delicate balancing act to maintain between willpower and rage.

Part of that balancing act would rationally be Resource Regeneration, a prefix attached to some loot drops. Unfortunately this ability isn't fully explained, and has left plenty of players wondering if the whole thing is bugged.

Surprise! At the time of writing, Resource Regeneration is in fact bugged. You still need to know the basic mechanics of how it normally works, though. 

In this case, "resource" refers to either willpower or rage, which are used to power abilities across any type of build. Let's take a look at how Resource Generation is intended to function, as well as why it sometimes doesn't.

How Does Resource Generation Work in Wolcen?

    Transfer Time Decrease on an item.

There are two interconnected concepts at play here to understand: Transfer Time Decrease and Resource Generation, which both get buffs from items. 

Transfer Time Decrease affects how quickly using rage abilities increases your willpower or vice versa, which is important if you are using a hybrid build or find yourself quickly draining one resource or the other.

Resource Generation on the other hand is how quickly either willpower or rage increases on their own independent of using the opposite resource.

Most types of items can randomly drop with the +% Resource Generation ability, but there's plenty of confusion as to when and how it actually works.

First, its important to understand when Resource Generation buffs don't apply. They specifically don't apply to normal regeneration outside of combat or between attacks. Your willpower won't get a boost while running around avoiding enemies if you have multiple items with this ability.

The one and only time Resource Generation buffs apply are when using basic attacks with the left click

     Resource Generation percentage bonus on an item.

If you run out of willpower while spamming lightning spells for instance, having items equipped with the Resource Generation buff will see your willpower increasing more rapidly as you then use a string of normal attacks.

The percentage affects your base willpower generation per attack. If you generate 100 willpower per hit normally, but had an item with +7% Resource Generation, your character would instead gain 107 willpower per basic attack. These numbers stack with multiple items that have the ability.

Its unclear at this point if generating solely through the left click attack is the way the Resource Generation ability is intended to work or if this is a bug. It seems like there are certain skills acquired along the Gate Of Fates tree that it should apply to as well, and the developers haven't commented so far.

As with many of Wolcen's main gameplay features, there's another potential bug to keep in mind here that can mess with the numbers.

Resource Generation Bug?

To put it simply, sometimes bonus Resource Generation just doesn't do anything at all. At the moment, this appears to be a problem with specific items, rather than the Resource Generation stat as a whole, as different players have shown different results when testing their builds.

On my current summoning / spell caster build, I've confirmed an increase to willpower generation on basic left click staff attacks when using my current loadout of items with the Resource Generation percentage buff. Other players haven't been so lucky.

While there have been a huge number of bug fixes and overall changes since launch, like nerfing the wildly overpowered Bleeding Edge build (RIP best build ever), the Resource Generation bug remains as of patch

If you notice your willpower or rage generation stay the same even with items that have the Resource Generation buff, just ditch that item and look for another one.

Its also possible the bug may have to do with switching between online and offline mode, so at this point due to the many remaining bugs its preferable to solely play in offline mode

Now that you know all you need to understand Resource Generation, are you ready to jump into the rest of this fast paced ARPG? Check out our other Wolcen tips and hints here:

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Published Mar. 4th 2020

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