Wolfenstein 2: Vault Unlock Secrets Decoded

Wondering what's the deal with the Wolfenstein 2 vault unlock timer? We've got the answers!

Wondering what's the deal with the Wolfenstein 2 vault unlock timer? We've got the answers!

After downloading the 5.7-gigabyte day-one patch, and before you can start throwing hatchets or firing off volleys of bullets at the Nazi scum in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, you may notice a rather odd entry in the main menu screen. 

Something called the “Vault” is scheduled to unlock somewhere in the neighborhood of ten days, 18 hours, 26 minutes, and seven seconds from right now. 

The curious thing about the menu entry, however, is this — there’s no indication of just what the heck the Vault even is, or what we can expect to find when it unlocks! It’s also rather unhelpfully grayed out, so you can’t even select it for more info.

 What’s in the Vault?!?

Wolfenstein 2 Vault Unlock

That Vault timer appears to be counting down to Tuesday, November 7. We know there will be a total of four Wolfenstein 2 DLCs as part of the Freedom Chronicles season pass, so it seems like a good bet the timer is ticking down to the game’s first expansion release.

These four expansions are slated to be part of the season pass, adding in new characters, areas, and scenarios:

  • Episode Zero (available for pre-orders, as well as season pass holders)
  • The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe
  • The Diaries of Agent Silent Death
  • The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins

According to GameInformer, a source at Bethesda has revealed that’s exactly what’s happening with the Vault timer, counting down to the next segment of the DLC pack unlock. That’s not all though, as the publisher also had this to say:

“There are a few extra surprises behind the vault door when the timer reaches 0.”

We don’t know quite what that means yet — community events, player boosts, cheat codes, area unlocks, new skins? We’ll find out with you all on November 7th. What’s your prediction for those “few extra” surprises in store? Let us know in the comments section below!

Hopefully, it means even more Nazis to shoot, punch, stab, and blow up!

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