World of Tanks Tips (Tank Destroyer)

Learn the ways of the Tank Destroyer in World of Tanks!

Learn the ways of the Tank Destroyer in World of Tanks!
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Do you like sniping from a distance, destroying enemies without them knowing what hit them, or just like big guns? Then my friends, the tank destroyer is the tank for you! I will go into detail to give you as many tips as I know in order to inflict the most destruction against your enemies. Become one of the most feared tanks on the battlefield while helping your team achieve victory! Being a tank destroyer is quite fun and difficult to master but with these tips you can really get an edge over other tankers. Planning out your attacks will greatly improve your chances of success and allow you to live longer. So let’s get started–are you ready to become the ultimate death machine?

I am Ninja!

Stealth is your greatest strength as a Tank Destroyer; being undetected is the main objective and will allow you to crush your enemies. Having a low body makes these tanks virtually invisible to enemy tanks and hiding in a bush makes them even harder to detect. An enemy tank cannot detect you unless he is at least 50 meters away from you or unless you open fire. So it’s best to keep your cool if an enemy tank starts to approach you–just sit and wait. Allow your artillery to target the enemy tank near you to have him move away. If he does spot you the best thing to do is turn your hull towards him and fire.

Time to Kick Ass and Chew Bubble Gum!

Your next strength is… yep, you guessed it, your gun. Tank Destroyers have the best guns to destroy enemy tanks that are up to 3 tiers higher than you. However, most Destroyers do not have rotating turrets which means that your sides and rear are vulnerable. Always make sure you are facing the direction you believe the enemy is going to be coming from. As long as you don’t move your hull, you will remain undetected. Moving the turret does not count as a move and you will remain hidden, however firing your gun will reveal your position unless you are pretty far away from your target.

The Best Offense is a Good Defense!

One of the main roles of a Tank Destroyer is to defend your base or setup ambushes at key locations. At the start of a match you want to go to either left or right side of your base and find a nice hiding spot aiming toward the roads you think enemies will come down. Staying near your base allows you to defend more easily and as the game progresses you can move out on offense if your team’s odds favor you. Tank Destroyers are not attacking tanks, they are mostly slow and clumsy tanks due to their turrets inability to move 360 degrees. They are meant to stay at the rear and snipe without being noticed. So stay patient, make your shots count, and deliver that one-two punch!

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