Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Get the Twilight Armor Set in TotK

In this guide to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, learn how to get your hands on the Twilight Armor set.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Twilight Armor is just one of many you can find throughout the Sky Islands, Hyrule, and the Depths. Originally worn by the Link of Twilight Princess, it’s also one of the harder gear sets to get. Like all of the best armors, the Twilight set is scattered across the land, and to make matters worse, all three pieces are in different parts of the Depths. Our guide tells you where to find every piece of the Twilight Armor in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find Every Piece of the Twilight Armor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

TotK Cap of Twilight Location

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  • Cap of Twilight Location: The Gleeok Den
  • Cap of Twilight Coordinates: 0303, 3151, -0621

Perhaps Link’s most iconic bit of apparel has always been the long cap he wears. Befitting its reputation and unique aesthetic, the Cap of Twilight for the TotK Twilight Armor is by far the hardest of the three pieces to get.

  • First, you need to go to the far northwest end of the Depths, accessibly most easily by the Drenan Highlands Chasm west of the Tyhplo Ruins at coordinates (-0027, 2984, 0196).
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  • You’ll want to travel northeast from where you enter the Depths and grab the Katenim Lightroot, as it’s the closest one to the Gleeok Den, where the Cap of Twilight is guarded by a gloom-corrupted version of King Gleeok.
  • You’ll need to actually beat King Gleeok if you want the Cap of Lightlight, as the chest holding it is locked by gloom until the boss dies. To make things easier, we have a complete guide to beating King Gleeok here.

Tears of the Kingdom Tunic of Twilight Location

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  • Tunic of Twilight Location: Rist Mine
  • Tunic of Twilight Coordinates: 4519, 2169, -0454

The other two pieces of the TotK Twilight Armor set are significantly easier to get, but they’re still a bit of a challenge. You’ll find the Tunic of Twilight in the far east of the Depths, accessibly most easily by diving down the East Akkala Plains Chasm at coordinates (4020, 2180, 0000).

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  • Travel southeast from the bottom of the Chasm until a large cavern extends further to your east. Head toward it, and you’ll enter Rist Mine, a long, winding tunnel filled with gloom-corrupted Bokoblins.
  • You can run through it like I did and risk being hit every few seconds, or devise a Zonai device vehicle like a tank or bomber plane to get yourself through much easier.
  • You’ll find the Tunic of Twilight in a chest at the end of the mine, in a small cave with some buildings and the Kimimeg Lightroot nearby.

Trousers of Twilight Location

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  • Trousers of Twilight Location: Abandoned Underground Fortress
  • Trousers of Twilight Coordinates: 3319, 1506, -0856

I’d wager the Trousers of Twilight are technically the easiest of the three pieces to acquire, as there are no winding caverns to navigate or difficult bosses to defeat. Instead, head to the south portion of the Akkala Highlands to the Chasm there, which is just south of the Domizuin Shrine and Akkala Citadel Ruins at coordinates (3294, 1286, 0234).

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  • Once at the bottom of the Chasm, travel north until you reach the Ancient Underground Fortress. I suggest picking up the Niuzimod Lightroot there to make things easier should you die.
  • The chest containing the Trousers is the center of the fortress ruins, with a Boss Bokoblit, a Lizalfos, and several standard Bokoblins — all corrupted by gloom — awaiting nearby.
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I tried several different methods here, but I landed on using Stealth-increasing armor (like the Stealth armor you can buy in Kakariko Village) to glide down into the alcove with the chest without alerting the enemies. If you don’t have any Stealth gear, you’ll need to clear out all the enemies to get the armor piece. You might also simply warp back to the nearby Lightroot to reset all the enemies and try to stealth your way in again.

However you do it, that’s how to get the TotK Twilight Armor in your inventory to make Link do his best Twilight Princess Link cosplay. The set provides +9 defense when unupgraded, and while it doesn’t offer any additional effects beyond that defense boost, it does look good. For more help, check out our guides on the 10 best items to farm, how to get the Hero of the Sky Set, and more in our TotK guides hub.

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