Deliver Us Mars: Best GPU and System Settings

Improve your gameplay experience by tweaking your GPU and system settings in Deliver Us Mars.

It may take tweaking some settings to improve performance in Deliver Us Mars, as is the norm for game releases on PC these days. In this guide we'll go over the best GPU and system settings to reduce slowdowns and still have the game look great.

How to Improve Performance in Deliver Us Mars

Turn Off Ray Tracing

Most Deliver Us Mars player complaints come from one graphics setting that is the sole reason for massive FPS drops, and that's RTX or Ray Tracing.

It is important to understand that Ray Tracing, although very good-looking, will not work properly without a full DirectX 12 support, which is available on the following graphics cards and above:

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080.
  • AMD RX 5600 XT.

Anything that is below will not provide decent RTX processing. If that's your case, then simply turn off RTX support in the graphics game settings, and install DirectX 11 version instead. This alone will greatly improve your FPS during cutscenes and beyond.

Best nVidia GPU Settings

You can also improve the overall performance of the game by making these adjustments in the nVidia control panel in Global 3D Settings menu:

  • Set "Image Scaling" to "ON".
  • Set "Ambient Occlusion" to "Performance".
  • Set "Anisotropic Filtering" to "Application Controlled".
  • Set "Antialiasing FXAA" to "Off".
  • Set "Antialiasing Mode" to "Application Controlled".
  • Set "Antialiasing Transparency" to "Off".
  • Set "Low Latency Mode" to "Ultra".
  • Set "Max Frame Rate" to "Off".
  • Set "Optimize for Computer Performance" to "On".

Lastly, laptop users should definitely set "Power Management Mode" to "Maximum Performance".

Best AMD Radeon GPU Settings

Similarly, AMD graphics cards owners could improve the performance of Deliver Us Mars via an AMD Radeon software in the Graphics menu:

  • Toggle "Anti-Lag" to "On".
  • Toggle "Image Sharpening" to "On".
  • Toggle "Vertical Refresh" to "Off".
  • Set "AA Method" to "Multi Sampling".

Hopefully, these best GPU and system settings helped you achieve the highest performance in Deliver Us Mars, and stay tuned for more related guides.

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Published Feb. 6th 2023

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