How to Win the Hot Pursuit Grand Tour in Need for Speed: Rivals

Having trouble with the World Tour Hot Pursuit in Need for Speed: Rivals? Use these tips to complete it easily!

Need for Speed: Rivals is a fast-paced racing game, designed to capture the intense atmosphere between racers and cops. Throughout the game, players will be able to experience many different game modes, such as hot pursuits, interceptors, time-trials, and races. You can choose to be with the racers or the cops, but for those of you who chose to side with the racers, here are some tips on completing the final race. 

Introduction to the Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is a hot pursuit racing type, and by far the hardest and most difficult to complete. This is the longest race in the game, taking most players at least 10 minutes to complete. There are 54 total checkpoints, and a whopping 28.1 miles to complete, while racing against five other racers and trying to avoid the dozens of cops you'll run into. The Grand Tour will take you all around the map, so hopefully by the time you've unlocked this final mission, you've gotten to know the map pretty well. 

Choosing a Car and Pursuit Tech

I used the Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50th Anniversary Edition and the shockwave and ESF as my two pursuit tech options. However, any pursuit tech will work just fine, but I wouldn't recommend the jammer or the EMP. The EMP takes several seconds to lock on, and with some of the roads being insanely curvy, many of the EMPs will fail. The jammer is good against the use of an enemy using an EMP on you, but it won't stagger the enemy vehicles in any way, and it isn't too difficult to drive under the influence of an EMP. You can use level one of any of the pursuit tech options, but it helps greatly to upgrade them as much as possible. As for your car, upgrading the durability to level 5 is a must, as it will be very difficult to complete the race with anything less. 

Be Aware of Your Enemy

Although it may seem that the cops are your biggest concern in the race, it's best to ignore them as much as you can and concentrate on the racers. Your goal is to try and complete the race in first place, so making sure you concentrate only on your objective and the other racers will prove to be beneficial. Use your pursuit tech sparingly, but efficiently. Try to only use your pursuit tech when you're near an enemy, as the pursuit tech will protect you and harm the other racers. Using your pursuit tech too much can cause you to run out when you might need it most.

Look for Repair Stations Consistently

Repair stations are your lifesavers in this race. They are the only option you have in repairing your vehicle, and driving through one is also the only way to gain your pursuit tech back. Repair stations can be found by looking for a blue wrench on your map, and I highly recommend driving through every station you see. You'll have several racers and cops all trying to wreck you, so your vehicle will need repaired often. If the critical damage alert appears on your screen, drive as safely as possible until you can reach a repair station. Do NOT pass one up while this message is active, or you will most likely lose the race!

Using the World Tour to Boost Your SP

If your vehicle hasn't been upgraded or you don't have enough SP to upgrade your pursuit tech, use the World Tour as an opportunity to boost. Getting about halfway through the race can earn you anywhere between 20,000-40,000 SP, or more. By finding hideouts throughout your map (the house icon), stop at one and bank your SP when you're satisfied with the amount you've earned. Use the SP to upgrade your vehicle and pursuit tech, and repeat the process as many times as you'd like. By doing this, you can have your vehicle and pursuit tech fully upgraded, which will help you win the race when you decide to complete it. 


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Published Jan. 31st 2015
  • mohsen_1091
    thank you.these are great tips.
    i've reach to this level and it makes me nervous

    anyway if you need sp.just equip your car to best pursuit techs and win in hard interceptor will give you about 120.000 sp and here you go
    it's unlimited to win in those interceptors
  • Mrdiamonds111
    I was 2.1 miles away when spike strips slowed me down, I was also slowing down to go in a repair shop suddenly I rather wrecked or busted I would like someone to please tell me what had happened message me on the xboxone my gamer tag is Mrdiamonds111

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