Hades Titan's Blood Guide: How to Get It to Upgrade Weapons

Looking to upgrade your weapons in Hades? You'll need Titan's blood to do it, and this guide will tell you exactly where to find it.

You won’t find any bad choices for weapons or their Aspects in Hades, though some can be more effective than others. You can, however, make every single one of the Infernal Arms even better through the application of Titan’s Blood.

You’ll need a lot of Titan's Blood if you want to upgrade all your weapons to their maximum potential. Some methods are better than others, but we'll go over all of them below. 

How to Get Titan’s Blood

There are five primary sources of Titan’s Blood in Hades, and three are always available. The main difference is cost.

Here’s a summary of the four ways to get Titan's Blood before we go into them in more depth.

  1. Area bosses: The first and final boss of each run rewards Titan’s Blood as long as you haven’t beaten the boss with your current weapon.
  2. The Wretched Broker in the Lounge of the House of Hades sells Titan’s Blood for Ambrosia, which you’ll acquire for defeating the bosses of Elysium, the third area.
  3. The Fated Scroll of Minor Prophecies awards multiple uses of Titan's Blood for completing various objectives.
  4. The final area of the game has a Charon shop that sometimes sells Titan’s Blood for 1,200 gold. 

Lastly, once you’ve completed a run, you’ll have the ability to replay the game with various modifiers that reset level rewards. We’ll talk more about this final method in our Pact of Punishment guide.

Titan’s Blood Source 1: Level Bosses

There are four main bosses in Hades, and two of them reward Titan’s Blood. 

Defeat Furies

The first level, Tartarus, ends with a fight against one of the Furies, female demigods who will stop at nothing to keep Zagreus from progressing out of hell. You’ll face one of three possible Furies at the top of Tartarus: Megaera, Alecto, and Tisiphone.

Each has their own attack patterns and usable strategies, but regardless of which you defeat, Titan’s Blood is your reward. 

Defeat the final boss

The final boss of the game also rewards blood, but to say the fight is challenging would be an understatement. Once you complete your first run, you’ll unlock the Pact of Punishment, which allows you to reset runs, opening you up to fight the final boss again for additional blood rewards.

Titan’s Blood Source 2: The Wretched Broker

Just to the south of the entrance to Zagreus’ room lies the Lounge of the House of Hades. A rotund, green shade known as the Wretched Broker runs a shop filled with useful wares. One of them is Titan’s Blood, but the price is steep: a single bottle of Ambrosia.

How to get Ambrosia

The drink of the gods is almost harder to come by than the blood of their parents, as it’s primary source is the bosses of Elysium, the third level of Hades.

You can also purchase Ambrosia with two Diamonds, which you can buy for 10 bottles of Nectar, which are themselves purchasable one at a time for five Keys. 

In short, buying Ambrosia for Titan’s Blood is not the most efficient way of getting your hands on Titan's Blood until late into the endgame when you’re swimming in materials. You could still make the trade if you needed the extra blood. 

Titan Blood Source 3: Prophecies

Next to Hades (the god) in the House of Hades (the place) sits the House Contractor and his table of wonders/renovation jobs. Early on, he’ll make available an item called the Fated List of Minor Prophecies, which you can access from Zagreus’ room. 

The Fated List lists a growing number of challenges for you to complete as you play. As of writing, I know of four that reward Titan’s Blood. 

The Master of Arms challenge

The “easier” of the four is called “Master of Arms.” To complete this challenge, you need to beat the final boss with every weapon in the game. Which Aspect you use doesn’t matter.

There are six weapon types in Hades, each with their strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll need to evolve your playstyle to get the most out of them. No matter how you do it, "Master" of Arms rewards 10 Titan’s Blood.

The Dark Reflections challenge

Another prophecy I’ve come across is “Dark Reflections,” which asks you to complete a run using every Talent available from the Mirror of Nyx.

Unlocking this takes a long time because you'll need to: 

  • Get 60 Keys to open up every Talent
  • Unlock them with Darkness
  • Complete a run using each of them equipped

When you finally complete everything, you’ll be rewarded with 8 Titan’s Blood

The Harsh Conditions challenge

The third prophecy is Harsh Conditions, which forces you to use every Pact of Punishment modifiers at some point. There are no clear strategies for this one. You'll just need time and experience.

Once complete, you receive 15 Titan's Blood.

The Wanton Ransacking challenge

The fourth prophecy is called Wanton Ransacking, and though it's the easiest overall, it's also the most laborious.

All you need to do is run across and defeat all of the various minibosses in the Underworld. There's a chance of any one of them appearing when you see a chamber marked with a Skull, and these Wardens exist on every level, including the one just before the final boss.

Completing this prophecy rewards 3 Titan's Blood.

Titan’s Blood Source 4: Charon’s Shop

Charon has a huge shop located in the final dungeon before the final boss. Five of the six items are upgrades of some kind, and the sixth is either a Diamond or a glob of Titan’s Blood. Just be sure you’re saving gold throughout your run because you’ll need 1,200 coins to buy the stuff. 

The Pact of Punishment

Once you beat the final boss once, you unlock the ability to modify runs for Bounties, which reset the rewards for each boss until you defeat them again.

These modifiers increase what’s called “Heat,” and each level resets the rewards again, so you can get a full set of rewards at 1 Heat, 2 Heat, and so on. Bounties and Heat requirements are weapon-specific, so a Heat 1 Stygian Blade gives the same rewards as a Heat 5 Adamant Rail.

We'll have an entire Pact of Punishment guide up soon, which we'll link to here. 

But that's about everything you need to know about getting your hands on Titan’s Blood in Hades. If you're looking for more tips on the popular roguelike, we've got more Hades guides here, including best keepsakes and best weapons


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Published Sep. 28th 2020

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