Pokémon Planet Controls Guide

This simple and adorable MMO doesn't come with much of a tutorial. Let us help you get started.

Pokémon Planet is the casual fan-made Pokémon MMO that you'll fall in love with. With relaxing music, many enemies to defeat, and hundreds of Pokémon to catch, you'll never get bored.

With no download required, you can play Pokémon Planet anywhere and anytime for free, right from your browser. You're probably dying to play, so let's jump right into the control mechanics.

Pokémon Planet: Controls 

Walking Around

You can use your arrow keys or WASD on your keyboard to move your trainer around the world.

Riding Around

Press on your keyboard to get on or off your bike for faster travel.

  • Note: You can only ride a bike if you own one. You can buy a bike at Cerulean Bike Shop.

Interacting With the World

Use the space bar on your keyboard to interact with NPCs, other objects, surf, and chop down small trees.

  • Note: According to the game's FAQ page, you won't be able to cut down trees until you:
    • Defeat Misty, the second Gym Leader.
    • Get a ticket from Bill at end of route 25.
    • Go to SS Anne in Vermillion.
    • Find the Captain who will give you the Cut HM.
    • Once you have the HM, double-click it in your inventory, then click on a Pokémon to assign Cut to them.

Viewing the Map

Press on your keyboard. Press M again to close it. This feature doesn't actually display your current location, so it isn't the most important function to remember. 

Accessing Your Pokedex

Press on your keyboard to open or close your Pokedex. 

Opening Your Inventory

Press on your keyboard to open or close your inventory. 

Chatting With Others

Press ENTER on your keyboard to bring up the cursor in the chat box. Alternatively, just click into the chat box to begin typing. 

  • Note: You can't access the global chatting feature until you have beaten Misty.

  • Type @ before a person's username (without any spaces) to send a private message to them.

  • Type before a message to talk to your clan in global chat.

  • Type /createchat followed by the desired chat name to create your own chat. You cannot assign a name to your chat that someone else has already used. You will receive an error message if you try to attempt this.
  • Type /chatinvite followed by a person's username to add that person to your chat.

  • Type /leavechat or /disbandchat to exit a chat. If the chat is yours, the former command will also close the chat for everyone else involved. 

  • Type /help for a full list of chat commands that will make your game experience easier. Type /faq to bring up the FAQ page in another browser tab.

Sending a Message

Press TAB on your keyboard. If you've previously sent a message to someone privately, their name will be typed into the chat box automatically. 

Responding to a Message

Press ALT on your keyboard. If someone has previously sent you a private message, their name will be typed into the chat box automatically. 

Fishing for Pokémon

Press on your keyboard to begin or end fishing. You don't need to worry about choosing a fishing rod -- the game takes care of that for you. You will automatically use the best rod you have to increase your chances of catching Pokémon. The worst rod has a hooking chance of 50%, while the best has a hooking chance of 100%. 

If you want to choose the rod yourself, double click on the one you want to use in your inventory to begin fishing. 

  • Note: You must first own a fishing rod and face the water if you want to fish. You can obtain a new fishing rod in one of the following places:
    • Marketplace
    • Vermilion City
    • Fuchsia City
    • Route 12

Accessing Your Clan

Press on your keyboard to open or close the clan interface. 

  • Note: You can't access clan details until you have arrived at Fuchsia City.


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