Stardew Valley hat guide to get you lookin' good

There's not a huge wealth of hats in Stardew Valley, but what's there certainly suffices. Here's what they are and how to get them.

What, you didn't add "cosmetic hats" to your list of wants in a Harvest Moon-style game? Too bad, because Stardew Valley has them and they make for a small and appropriate character customization option.

Nothing in Stardew Valley is free sans you getting your farm, and hats are no different. They can be pretty pricey in terms of effort investment.

Some hats require you make a certain amount of money, catch a wide variety of fish, or be the cool kid in town with all the best gifts and a wealth of friends. Further still, some aren't tied to achievements at all, making them difficult to figure out on your own.

Luckily most hats are tied to achievements, making them easy to figure out and get during normal gameplay. Those tied to winning festival games, museum completion, and adventuring are more difficult to stumble upon and are generally more difficult to get. The Sombrero, tied to you earning 10 million gold, is the most difficult non-achievement hat to get.

How do you get a hat once you reach the requirement(s)?

Once you've obtained the achievement tied to a hat, the Ruined House on at the south of the Wizard's tower on the west side of town opens for business -- and that business is the sort of maybe kind of dapper world of hats.

If you have 1000 gold on hand, you can saunter up to the Ruined House and give it your business. Each hat costs 1000 gold regardless of difficulty to unlock.

The list below has the hats listed in alphabetical order with the achievements they're tied to (when applicable) and the requirements to obtain them listed. Just because you're a farmer doesn't mean you can't be snazzy.

Hat Achievement Achievement reqs.

Archer's Cap
 Gourmet Chef Cook every recipe.

Blue Bonnet
 Treasure Trove  Donate 40 items to the museum.

Bowler Hat
 Millionaire  Earn a million gold.

Butterfly Bow
 A New Friend  Reach 5 hearts with one person.

Cat Ears
The Beloved Farmer Reach 10 hearts with 8 different people.

Chicken Mask
A Big Help  Complete 40 quests.

Cool Cap
Homesteader Earn 250,000 gold.

Cowboy Hat
 A Complete Collection Complete the museum's collection.

Cowgal Hat
Monoculture Ship 300 of a single crop.

Cowpoke Hat
Polyculture  Ship 15 of each crop.

 D.I.Y.  Craft 15 different items.

Delicate Bow
Cook Cook 10 different recipes.

 Popular Reach 5 hearts with 20 different people.

Eye Patch
Master Angler Catch one of every fish.

N/A Win 500 Star Tokens at the Stardew Valley Fair.

Gnome's Cap
 Craft Master  Craft one of every item.

Goblin Mask
Full Shipment  Ship at least one of every item.

Good Ol' Cap
Greenhorn  Earn 15,000 gold.

Hard Hat
N/A ??? (If you know, please let me know!)

Hunter's Cap
 Living Large Upgrade your house to maximum size.

Lucky Bow
Cowpoke  Earn 50,000 gold.

Mouse Ears
Best Friends  Reach 10 hearts with one person.

Official Cap
 Ol' Mariner  Catch 24 different fish.

Plum Chapeau
 Sous Chef  Cook 25 different recipes.

Polka Bow
Gofer  Complete 10 quests.

Sailor's Cap
N/A Win the fishing competition during the Winter Festival.

Santa Hat
Networking Reach 5 hearts with 10 different people.

Skeleton Mask
 N/A  Defeat 50 skeletons.

 N/A  Earn 10 million gold.

Fisherman  Catch 8 different fish.

Straw Hat
N/A Win the egg hunt during the Spring Egg Festival.

 Cliques  Reach 5 hearts with 4 different people.

Top Hat
N/A  Win 8000 Qi Coins at Qi's Casino.

Moving Up  Upgrade your house.

Trucker Hat
Artisan  Craft 30 different types of items.

Watermelon Band
 Mother Catch  Catch 100 different fish.


If you're hungry for more info on Stardew Valley, check out my guides on wooing potential spouses, befriending villagers, cooking (you gotta eat!), and crop maturation times and prices. Have fun, and don't get so wrapped up in farming you don't adventure!

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Published Mar. 21st 2016
  • Shoe_5753
    You get the hard hat from killing enough Duggies
  • Dikked
    Req for hard hat: Complete the duggie adventure's guild Challenge (30)

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