FFXIV 5.5: How to Get the New 5.5 Mounts

How to get all five of the new mounts in FFXIV patch 5.5, if you can anyway.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.5 is out, and with it comes an end to yet another content lull that's brought markets to their knees and players to AFK. There's a lot to say about the contents of patch 5.5, but our focus here is the new mounts featured in the update.

A total of five new mounts are available in FFXIV as of today's patch, as well as one new chocobo barding for players who like to keep their companions snazzy. So let's get to how you get these five mounts new to Eorzea, as well as how to get the new barding.

FFXIV Mounts: How to Get Gilded Mikoshi and Golden Ronkan

The richest of us have been complaining we've got nothing to sink our gil into for ages. Complain no longer, gil hoarders! Well, no. You can still complain. Just now you can flex on your gil-light friends with either of these mounts.

The Gilded Mikoshi, a golden variant of the Namazu beast tribe mount, costs 50,000,000 gil — no, that's not too many zeroes. That's how much it actually costs. It can be purchased from a new vendor in Mor Dhona named Edelina, found at the spot circled on the below map.

The Golden Ronkan is also a golden variant of another previous mount, the Great Vessel of Ronka.

This one can be bought for 25,000,000 gil from a vendor named Tabeth in Eulmore. Her location is also marked below.

FFXIV Mounts: How to Get the Antelope Stag and Antelope Doe

I'm not sure why it took the developers so long to implement these as mounts, but I am glad to see them added. They're both obtained in different ways.

The Antelope Stag is obtained by trading in 30 Fete Tokens, which are obtained by taking part in the new fetes (note FATEs) in the Firmament. Fetes take place every two hours, and the reward tokens can be traded at the very same vendor as Skybuilder's Scrips for this mount or a number of any other rewards.

Alternatively, the Antelope Doe is available for the standard 8,400 Skybuilder's Scrips at the very same vendor. It's not as dashing as the stag, but I think we both know you'll be getting both mounts.

FFXIV Mounts: How to Get the Diamond Gwiber and Landerwaffe

No Bozja? No Bozja! Might be something worse, though.

Getting the Diamond Gwiber is part of getting the Landerwaffe, as you must obtain every single Gwiber to get the Landerwaffe.

To make things simple, let's list off how to get each Gwiber mount:

  • Diamond Gwiber: May drop from The Cloud Deck (Extreme) (aka Diamond Weapon Extreme)
  • Emerald Gwiber: May drop from Castrum Marinum (Extreme) (aka Emerald Weapon Extreme)
  • Gwiber of Light: May drop from The Seat of Sacrifice (Extreme) (aka Warrior of Light Extreme)
  • Ruby Gwiber: May drop from Cinder Drift (Extreme) (aka Ruby Weapon Extreme)
  • Shadow Gwiber: May drop from The Minstrel's Ballad: Hades's Elegy (aka Hades Extreme)
  • Innocent Gwiber: May drop from The Crown of the Immaculate (Extreme) (aka Vauthry Extreme)
  • Fae Gwiber: May drop from The Dancing Plague (Extreme) (aka Titania Extreme)

As it stands, this makes the Landerwaffe the most difficult mount in the game to get as players have to push through the most recent Extremes and get lucky enough to get the mount for the trial. Or somehow do them 99 times for the totems.

In any case, this makes the Landerwaffe itself a huge flex mount perhaps more so than the extremely expensive Golden Ronkan and Gilded Mikoshi mounts.

Five mounts in a single patch isn't bad, but a large portion of these are a lightyear away for the Final Fantasy XIV's ever-growing new playerbase. Do you plan on shooting for any of these mounts right away? Let us know in the comments below, and check out some of our other FFXIV guides here on GameSkinny.

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Published Apr. 13th 2021

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