Yakuza: Like A Dragon: Honk-Honk Locations Guide

Get boosts to intellect, style, charisma, and more by finding the Yakuza: Like a Dragon Honk-Honk locations all around Japan!

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is full of references to Ichiban's favorite game Dragon Quest, but perhaps the most obscure reference comes in the form of the game's Honk-Honk locations. Honk-Honks are NPCs, and they are a reference to the "Pafu-Pafu" NPCs in Dragon Quest. They replenish the party's HP and reward Ichiban with a bunch of personality growth as well.

There are five Honk-Honk locations in total: three can be found in Ijincho and one each in Kamurocho and Sotenbori. Finding them all will give you boosts to certain traits, such as charisma and intellect. You'll also get the Honk-Honk Hero trophy or achievement for your efforts. 

Keep in mind that the Honk-Honk NPCs appear in their locations randomly. If you visit a Honk-Honk location and it's empty, hop in a taxi and visit another one, as this will force the game to reload the map, giving the Honk-Honk NPC another chance to appear. 

Honk-Honk Location 1: Near Survive Bar

The first Honk-Honk location can be found in the alley just south of Survive Bar. Pay 10,000 yen, and you'll be rewarded with a boost to your passion stat.

Honk-Honk Location 2: Subway Entrance

Right by Isezaki road, there are a few sets of stairs that lead underground. Head to the one to the northeast, and you'll find another Honk-Honk location. This one will set you back 50,000 yen, but you'll be rewarded with a boost in three stats: passion, charisma, and kindness.

Honk Honk Location 3: Sunlight Palace

This one's blocked off until Chapter 11, but once you can access the rear of Sunlight Palace, you'll find a Honk-Honk NPC in the northwest there. This one will set you back a cool 100,000 yen, but you'll be rewarded with a major boost to all your personality stats.

Honk Honk Location 4: Kamurocho

There is only one Honk-Honk NPC in Kamurocho, and they can be easily found in a covered alley in the Hotel District. Since it's covered, it's hard to see on the map, but if you travel to the spot on the map where the "hotel district" text is displayed, it's directly south of there. Come prepared with 30,000 yen, and you'll get boosts to your intellect, style, and charisma stats.

Honk Honk Location 5: Sotenbori

Take a taxi to the Shofukocho stop, then head north. There'll be an alleyway to the southwest. Head down it to find the only Honk-Honk NPC in Sotenbori. This one costs 50,000 yen and will reward you with boosts to confidence, passion, and charisma.

For your trouble, you'll get a shiny achievement or trophy in addition to all your personality boosts!

Those are all of the Honk-Honk locations in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. For more on the latest in the series, head over to our Yakuza: Like a Dragon hub

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Published Dec. 14th 2020

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