Bungie "Investigating" Destiny 2 Lightfall HyperNet Current Bug Fix

Some Destiny 2 Lightfall players are stuck on the HyperNet Current Strike and unable to gain progress, but there's some advice on the issue from Bungie.

A Destiny 2 Lightfall bug is keeping some players from advancing through the newest campaign beyond the HyperNet Current Strike on Neomuna. The glitch affects how campaign progress is tracked, and completing the Strike is required to move forward. However, Bungie is currently working on a fix for those stuck at Step 13 out of 21. 

The HyperNet Current bug seemingly strikes at random, with some players being able to complete the Lightfall campaign and others having no such luck.

A quick look at Reddit and the Destiny 2 forums tells a story of anguish for some D2 players hoping to experience the whole campaign at launch. Some have even replayed the HyperNet Curretn Strike multiple times without being able to gain progress.

Others have reported that they've been able to complete the entire campaign on various difficulties, including legendary difficulty, but ultimately find their quest progress stuck on Step 13. 

Is There a Fix for the HyperNet Current Strike Bug?

According to Bungie, the current advice to fix the HyperNet Current issue is to play with a Fireteam of players that are all on Step 13 of the questline. If any Fireteam members are not on Step 13, it appears the bug could be triggered, and it's advised to wait before pressing forward. 

Those who are currently stuck can seemingly unstick their progress by joining another player that is currently on Step 13 of the questline. Bungie released an update that can be seen below: 

UPDATE: As a temporary workaround, players who are currently blocked can join a Fireteam member currently on Step 13 of the Lightfall campaign who has yet to play the HyperNet Current strike to unblock themselves. We are continuing to investigate a permanent fix.

It's unclear when a permanent fix for the HyperNet Current Strike will be released for Destiny 2, but players can find some solace in knowing that Bungie is working to remove the glitch as quickly as possible. We'll provide an update once it becomes available. 

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Published Mar. 1st 2023

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