Where to Find The Power Cell (In Need of Repairs) in Cris Tales

Having trouble finding the Power Cell in Cris Tales? Here is how to find the elusive item for the In Need of Repairs quest from Adri the Inventor.

There are a ton of quests to partake of in Cris Tales. One such quest is called In Need of Repairs, where Adri the Inventor asks that you find a Power Cell in order to ultimately complete the quest.

While the Power Cell item can be tough to locate, we're here to help with that by taking you through all the steps. Here's where to find the Power Cell in the In Need of Repairs quest.

Give Adri the Inventor the Documents

Give Adri the Inventor the Documents you were previously tasked with finding (the ones to aid her in her creative endeavors). After doing so, she asks for a Power Cell to continue and suggests that you search in an old robot for the part. 

Now, the robot you saw earlier in the city will disappear, so for now, you just need to continue the story to find the robot in its new location. Hint: it will reappear as a boss fight very soon. 

Following the Robot Boss Fight

After defeating the robo-boss, walk up to the defeated robot and attempt to talk to it. This will trigger a dialogue sequence where you'll be given a crystal that just so happens to be the Power Cell that Adri the Inventor needs for this quest!

Continue through the story until you've completed the sewer dungeon, and you'll meet up with Adri the Inventor again, where you can give her the Power Cell she requested.

She says that you can find her research complete in a few years, so you must travel into the future in order to see the results. 

Using Matias' ability, return to Adri's shop to receive the Crystal Motherboard. Returning to the present and discussing the motherboard with Adri the Inventor will start another dialogue sequence where you'll be rewarded with 2,000 Marbles and a quest completion!

And that's how you find the power cell in Cris Tales. For more on this JRPG from Modus Games, stay tuned. 


Published Jul. 26th 2021

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