Voice comms are essential in Rocket League

Not using voice comms in Rocket League? It's hurting your chances of winning! Find out how to use voice most effectively with your team.

We've all had that moment in Rocket League where we've realized we're not nearly as good as the other guy -- not nearly as good as we thought we were, or not nearly as good as we'd like to be.

But what about those moments when everything is going as it should. You've got the perfect shot lined up, there's no one between you and the goal. Then WHAM! Your own teammate slams you aside. 

Sometimes they make that shot, but more often than not, the crazy lack of teamwork is going to cost you. Rocket League has built in voice chat, but its public nature means the other team is going to hear you, too. It's also push to talk, which will inhibit your ability to be responsive without interrupting gameplay. Finally, let's be honest, the quality leaves a lot to be desired. Whatever your choice of voice comm, you should be using it with your team if you want to win. 

The basics are obvious. Call the shot, call out when you're leaving the goal, call out your sets and centers. Identifying the location of the opponents can be key, too. "One behind you" or "one to beat" or "only you to the goal" can be extremely helpful to the teammate controlling the ball.

In general, the more information you can provide your team, the better. From "I'm stuck on the wall" to "I have no boost", every comment aids your chances of scoring when it matters most. If you aren't using voice, you should!

Got more tips for effective voice use? Post them here!

Published Jan. 23rd 2016

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