Madden NFL 20 Guide: How to Throw a Touch Pass

To really become a field general, you'll need to learn the touch pass. Follow our guide on how to throw a touch pass in Madden 20 and put the ball on the money.

Madden NFL 20 begins its early access period today for players with EA Access on consoles or Origin Access on PC. It's no coincidence that Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes is on the cover. This year's game focuses on the quarterback more than any other year in recent memory, but as a player you're going to go through your own struggles, like how to throw a touch pass.

To really volley the deep ball like Mahomes does about 12 times every Sunday, you'll want to learn to execute a great touch pass. Bullet passes will often get picked off going down the field, but good timing and accuracy on the throw to your receivers can make the difference between turnover and touchdown.

How to Throw a Touch Pass in Madden NFL 20

With the ball snapped and the quarterback in the pocket ready to fire, press and release the receiver icon.

It may sound silly, but this is the precise language the game uses. What's important to remember is a bullet pass requires you hold the button, while the lob pass requires you tap it, so throwing a goof touch pass needs to be somewhere in between. 

This year's Madden revamped the controller layout in several areas, and the game doesn't do a great job outside of the Skills Trainer in explaining that.

We recommend heading into that area by going to Exhibition>Skills Trainer>Basic Offense>Passing Mechanics. In there you'll be able to practice your touch pass, in addition to learning many other moves for all positions on the field.


It's Madden Season everywhere right now, so we'll be back soon with more Madden NFL 20 guides on this year's football sim. 


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Published Aug. 9th 2019

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