Valheim Console Commands and Cheats List

These Valheim console commands and cheats will let you enable and disable many of the survival game's systems, opening up new possibilities for play.

Valheim is a Viking survival game that can be both rewarding and extremely difficult. After you've put a few hours into the game, you may want to make use of console commands to enable or disable some gameplay features. This guide will list of all console commands currently available.

The number of commands and cheats is vast and covers all sorts of helpful features for both solo and multiplayer modes. But before using the inputs below, you must first activate them. Please note that inputs are case-sensitive, and you do not need to include the brackets.  

How to Enable Valheim Console Commands

If you're playing solo, then these lines are available at any time. But if you're playing on a multiplayer server, only the server host has access to them.

Either way, here's what you need to do to enable them: 

  1. Press "F5" during gameplay
  2. Type "imacheater" in the console that appears
  3. Press "Enter" to confirm

Valheim Console Commands and Cheats List

imacheater Enables/disables cheats
spawn [ITEM] [amount] Generates a specific number of any item
god Enables/disables god mode
save Saves game
pos Shows your current coordinates
goto [x,z] Teleports to coordinates
exploremap Reveals the whole map
resetmap Resets map to initial form
killall Kills all nearby enemies
tame Tames all nearby creatures
hair Removes your character's hair
beard Removes your character's beard
location Sets a new spawn location
raiseskill [skill] [amount] Increases the amount of a specified skill
resetskill [skill] Sets the specified skill to zero
freefly Enables/disables free camera view
ffsmooth [0-1] Sets the smoothness of the free camera
tod [0-1] Changes the time of the day
env [env] Enables debug environment
resetenv Resets debug environment
wind [angle] [intensity] Sets the angle and the intensity of the wind
resetwind Resets wind
event [name] Enables a specified event
stopevent Disables specified event
randomevent Enables random event
resetcharacter Resets all the skills and inventory of your character
removedrops Removes all dropped nearby items
setkey [name] Sets a new global key
resetkeys [name] Resets the specified global key
listkeys Displays the titles of all available global keys
players [nr] Sets the difficulty level according to the number of players
dpsdebug Enables/disables DPS debug overlay
help Displays all available console commands
kick [ip/name/userID] Kicks out a specified player
ban [ip/name/userID] Bans a specified player
unban [ip/name/userID] Unbans a specified player
banned Displays the list of all banned players
ping Checks the current latency
lodbias [0-5] Sets the draw distance
info Displays system information


Those are all console commands in Valheim. Though the list pales in comparison to some other games, killing all nearby enemies and taming all nearby creatures, for example, are perfect for those just wanting to build and craft. Perhaps others will be added in the future! For more, consider heading over to our guides on marking map locations, finding copper, and building your base


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Published Feb. 23rd 2021

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