Tales of Xillia 2 Guide: Fell Arms

Check this guide out to learn how to unlock the Fell Arms in Tales of Xillia 2!

The "Tales of" series keeps certain features in almost all of their games. Fell Arms, also known as Devil Arms or Cursed Weapons, is one of those features. Tales of Xillia 2 has them as well, though how you get them and unlock their power is different from most games.

The main character, Ludger, also uses 3 Fell Arms and he works differently from the rest of the party. I'll explain these differences and tell you how to get all the Fell Arms in the game. 

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This guide will cover everything on Fell Arms including:

  • Fell Arms Info - Explanation of what these cursed weapons are.
  • Unlocking Fell Arms - How to get them.
  • Ludger's Fell Arms - How to get each of Ludger's weapons.

Fell Arms Info

For those that don't know, these special weapons have the potential to be the best weapons in the game by far. Each kill you get increases the weapon's attack. This goes up until it reaches a max of 9999, far stronger than anything else in the game, even the Sealed Weapons.

These weapons are often called Cursed Weapons because they often have some sort of drawback. In Tales of Xillia 2, every member, except Ludger, takes more damage in battle when equipping a Fell Arm.

Every one of these weapons also starts with 765 attack power. The good news is that once you get them, they take into account all the battles you've had up to that point. You also don't need to unlock their power like in previous Tales games.

For example, I used Elize a lot during the game. When I unlocker her Fell Arm, I got a 900 attack power increase from my best weapon at the time.

Unlocking Fell Arms

You probably want to know how to unlock these weapons now, huh? Well, it is easier in this game, kinda. 

  • Complete Tag Mode in the coliseum with every character on Advanced Rank.
  • Complete the main story of the game. After finishing the game and saving clear data, you'll get the chance to continue playing with a lot of extra stuff available without the need to do New Game +.
  • Complete the new Elite rank in tag mode with each character to unlock their Fell Arm.

As you can see, the concept is simple. Tag mode is difficult if you aren't leveled enough, or prepared, even on the easiest difficulty.

  • I suggest you at least be in your mid to late 80's before doing it.
  • Also, use Ludger every time. This makes unlocking everything slower, but his added Chromatus makes the fights much easier.
  • On the last fight, target the person with the lowest Max HP and focus on them until you defeat them. It is much easier than trying to take them both out equally.

Every weapon has the same stats and do the same things, except Ludger, but I'll explain him later. Below are the names of all the Fell Arms and who they belong to in Tales of Xillia 2.

Ludger Eurosyne, the Graceful (Dual Blades)
Aglaea, the Trampler (Sledgehammer)
Thalia, the Shrouded (Dual Pistols)
Jude Folzex, the Gridge-Bearer
Elize Tregatoria, the Bellowing Demon
Alvin Vicehein, the Howler
Millia Dranduo, the Howling Beast
Rowen Melandetra, the Deathbringer
Gaius Soul's Requiem
Muzet Clasp of Deliverance
Leia Padventm the Incantor


Ludger's Fell Arms

The first thing that makes Ludger stands out is how he makes his weapons stronger. They don't get stronger simply by killing enemies like everyone else. He has to kill enemies with linked artes to increase his weapons' powerHis weapons also do not increase the damage he takes in battle.

He gets his swords from completing Elite rank Tag mode like everyone else, but his Hammer and Pistols are a different matter.

  • You unlock his hammer by paying off 11 million gald of his 20 million debt.

After beating the game, you unlock an EX dungeon called Illusionary Darkness. You get a currency called Ancient Bells for completing tasks and defeating bosses in the dungeon.

  • You unlock his pistols by purchasing them with 30 ancient bells in the Illusionary Darkness dungeon.

This concludes the Fell Arms guide fo Tales of Xillia 2. If you'd like to see more guides, feel free to check out the guide directory.

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Published Sep. 8th 2014
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