King Arthur Knight's Tale Classes Guide

Check out all six classes in our guide to King Arthur: Knight's Tale, including their strengths and weaknesses, as well as list of heroes.

There are six classes in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, which provide players with a variety of skills and playstyles. You'll want to combine different classes when creating an efficient team of heroes that can really help you push your game forward.

Our guide will list all classes in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, including strengths and weaknesses of each class, as well as provide you with a list of heroes that belong to their corresponding classes.

All Classes in King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Arcanist Class

This class primarily focuses on casting spells, both offensive and defensive, including various buffs and debuffs.

Arcanist Class Strengths

  • Ranged magic damage, including AoE spells.
  • Capable of weakening enemies, and even taking them under control.
  • Targeted strikes can deal 100% damage.
  • Capable of increasing own stats and skills.

Arcanist Class Weaknesses

  • Not suitable for melee combat.
  • Has less Vitality than most classes.
  • Can be easily injured.

Arcanist Class Heroes

  • Faerie Knight
  • Merlin
  • Lady Morgana le Fay
  • Sir Dagonet
  • Sir Ector

The best Arcanist in the game is Merlin. His best skills are: Fire Bolt, Illusion, Raven Swarm, Mind Fog, Fire Drake, Falling Star, and Master of Fire.

Champion Class

This class combines both excellent weapon mastery and armor protection, which makes it a well-balanced DPS melee type.

Champion Class Strengths

  • Specializes in two-handed weapons.
  • High melee damage.
  • High survivability due to heavy armor.
  • Suitable for facing the strongest enemies.
  • Deals damage to adjacent enemies.
  • Capable of causing bleed damage.

Champion Class Weaknesses

  • Can be used only in close combat.

Champion Class Heroes

  • Black Knight
  • Sir Balan
  • Sir Brunor le Noir
  • Sir Kay
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Sir Lanval
  • White Knight

The best Champion hero is Sir Lancelot. His best skills are: Assault, Lone Wolf, and Radiance.

Defender Class

As the name suggests, this class focuses entirely on defending its allies using shields and heavy armor.

Defender Class Strengths

  • High Block stat.
  • High survivability due to heavy armor and high Vitality.
  • Perfect for tanking.
  • Capable of restoring own HP.

Defender Class Weaknesses

  • Low damage with one-handed weapons.
  • Not suitable for any other purposes except taking on damage.

Defender Class Heroes

  • Red Knight
  • Sir Galahad
  • Sir Gawain
  • Sir Mordred
  • Sir Pelleas
  • Sir Percival

The finest Defender hero in the game is Sir Galahad. His best skills include: Flaming Strike, Divine Favour, Holy Smite, and Cleansing Fire.

Marksman Class

This bow-using class is perfect for long range targeted physical damage, which can be at times even more effective than magic spells.

Marksman Class Strengths

  • Perfect for ranged physical damage.
  • Capable of performing extra moves.
  • Capable of taking cover.
  • Can detect hidden enemies and objects.

Marksman Class Weaknesses

  • Not effective in melee combat.
  • Poor defenses and armor.
  • Low Vitality stat.

Marksman Class Heroes

  • Lady Dindraine
  • Sir Bors
  • Sir Damas
  • Sir Geraint
  • Sir Yvain

Sir Bors has an especially long range, when using his two best skills, such as Mark Target and Smothering Shot.

Sage Class

This class is similar to Arcanist, but it specifically utilizes frost magic, which can be used in a number of effective ways.

Sage Class Strengths

  • Well suited for ranged magic damage.
  • Has better defenses and armor than the Arcanist class.
  • Has access to buffs and effects that boost ally stats.
  • Specializes in frost magic.

Sage Class Weaknesses

  • Not suitable for melee combat.
  • Ineffective in any other role except support.

Sage Class Heroes

  • Lady Guinevere
  • Lady Isolde
  • Lady Morgawse
  • Sir Leodegrance
  • Sir Lucan

The best Sage character in the game is Lady Morgawse. Her best skills are: Ice Shield, Thunder Storm, and Master of Lightning.

Vanguard Class

Highly mobile and yet stealthy, this class can perform exceptionally well in combat and deploy a number of traps around the area.

Vanguard Class Strengths

  • Perfect for burst damage attacks.
  • Specializes in stealth.
  • Can place multiple traps on different tiles.
  • High Perception stat.

Vanguard Class Weaknesses

  • Poor defenses and armor.
  • Becomes ineffective once detected.
  • Has very narrow field of application.

Vanguard Class Heroes

  • Lady Boudicea
  • Sir Balin
  • Sir Bedievere
  • Sir Tegyr
  • Sir Tristan

The most effective Vanguard hero is Sir Tristan. Some of his best skills include: Poison Cut, Drain Life, and Smoke Bomb.

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