How to Start a Career in The Sims Mobile

Every Sim wants to climb up the corporate ladder. Here's an outline to help you figure out just which steps to take to reach the top.

The Sims Mobile has career opportunities so that Sims may experience a life of employment. Like in its predecessors, Sims have the opportunity to level up in each of their careers.

In this mobile adventure, it is easy to level up in careers because there are no necessary skills like Creativity, Logic, Fitness, etc., to worry about. With a little energy and real-time commitment, reaching the top of the job food chain will be a snap.

Choose a Career

With The Sims Mobile, there are specific careers to choose from in this setting. In choosing a career, the Sim begins a work story, as each career has a small story to go along with it. There are seven career stories to complete. However, not all are available at once. 

an alterations associate in the sims mobile

The only available career in the beginning is the Barista. Head to the map to find a location where a job may be available. Parkside is the only option in the beginning, and the café is the work location available there. There is a lock on the café, but unlike later locations, it is free to unlock the café. This is where the career experience will begin.

After playing for some time, the ability to unlock other careers will become an option.  

Working the Job

To begin work, you click on the workstation and start an event.

Working a culinary career in the Sims mobile

As the Sim has no experience in the job, the only option is to Work a Shift. When more experience is gained and levels are reached, there will be several different shift options. Once the event begins, all the Sim will be able to do are work-related tasks.

There are arrows pointing to specific items or people. This is where you can find your job tasks. Each task requires a certain amount of energy and will take a specific amount of time to finish. When the task is complete, a green check mark will appear, and the sim is free to move on to the next task.

Each normal task allows your Sim to build up confidence. When the Sim becomes confident while working, risky tasks open up, and those arrows pop up with a cool smiley face inside. These tasks have a chance of success and a chance of failure. If the task is successful, the Sim will receive greater experience and grow more confident, and a large amount of time will be subtracted from the shift. If the task is a failure, the Sim will only receive partial experience and will lose their confidence.

If you choose to walk away and let the Sim work on his or her own, then if a shift is 30 minutes or longer, that is how much real-time it’ll take for the event to end.

The time required for the Sim to finish a task in The Sims Mobile

You can still complete the event with one star, even if you let the Sim finish on his or her own.

After leveling up a few times, you can then choose the option to Work a Standard Shift. It is longer, but you gain more career points when completing it. After the Standard Shift, there is the option to Work a Long Shift. Again, the amount of career points increases and brings you closer to finishing the career story.

Leveling Up

To level up, the Sim must complete work events. At the end of each event, experience is rewarded. The first shift you take and complete as a Barista will result in moving up a level.

As you continue to work, you will unlock items to help you gain experience points faster. The first item to unlock in the Barista career is the Mismatched Mug Rack. It is the first Barista Career Item, and with it in the café, you’ll receive bonus experience points.

Another option to level up faster would be to carefully choose your traits. 

For the Barista or Culinary career, choose the Foodie trait. The Foodie trait will allow you to gain bonus experience points in the Barista and Culinary career every so often. 

For a boost in any career, choose the Ambitious trait. The trait will allow bonus points as well. 

Once you reach the cap level of the career and complete the story, your Sim can go and begin another career story. Leveling up not only brings the opportunity to complete the chosen career story, but it also fattens a Sim’s pocket with simoleons.

Have you gotten a promotion in The Sims Mobile? Tell us all about it in the comments, and continue to check out GameSkinny for more helpful guides! 


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Published Mar. 15th 2018

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