The Good Doctor - Dealing with the Crown Killer in Dishonored 2

How to deal with the Crown Killer in Dishonored 2

Mission 3 starts with you arriving at the Addermire Institue -- the Crown Killer’s place of hiding. You need to find and kill or cure the Killer depending on the character that you’ve chosen to play with.

There are many runes and bonecharms scattered around the Institute, so begin the mission by collecting them all. Then, you can go on and do the quests.

Hamilton and Vasco

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When you find yourself on the highest spot of the Institute, go to the other side of the level and land by the stairs where you came in. You will see the doors to Dr. Hypatia’s office. Get inside, loot the place and search for the key on the desk.

Arrive on the second floor and go to your left unlocking the door. You will see two guards talking to each other, so wait before they split and attack them one by one.

Use the key again to unlock the door to the room with Hamilton, who will tell you more about the Crown Killer. Check behind him and take the key to Hamilton’s Quarters.

Continue by going up the stairs to Hamilton’s office, but beware of the trap right in front of his doors. Inside you will find his journal that will lead you to Recuperation Area.

Follow the marker to find the area and check on a patient at the back -- Vasco. Talk to him to retrieve the password to the safe, which can be located in one of the offices near Hamilton.

After the cutscene with the Crown Killer, go to the safe and use the code to unlock it.

The Crown Killer

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Cure The Crown Killer (as Emily)

If you play as Emily, you need to make a cure using the notes that you find inside the safe.

  1. Go to the lab next door and grab a syringe.
  2. Find a dead body near the bloodfly nest in the same area, use the syringe to take a sample of blood and bring it back to the lab.
  3. Use the utilities on the desk to create a cure.
  4. Then, use your Dark Vision to detect The Crown Killer that roams the corridors of the institute.
  5. Sneak up on the Killer and use the syringe.

Kill The Crown Killer (as Corvo)

There are two ways how you can kill The Crown Killer:

  • You can talk to Vasco triggering the cutscene that will lead to a direct fight with The Crown Killer.
    • Note that The Crown Killer is a very tough enemy, so switch between melee and ranged weapons.
    • Also, try aiming at the head for best effect.
  • You can skip the part with Vasco and approach Dr. Hypatia from behind while she’s working at the desk - do it quickly and kill her.
    • This will not trigger the fight with The Crown Killer anymore.

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Published Nov. 13th 2016

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