Elden Ring Boss Guide: How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel

Flying Dragon Agheel is a tough boss located not far from the starting area of Elden Ring. Find out the best way to fell the beast in this boss guide.

Once you enter the open world of Elden Ring, there are a number of challenging bosses just nearby your starting location. You can see the Tree Sentinel from the First Steps Site of Grace, but to your east is a foe that’s a bit less challenging. Flying Dragon Agheel can be found at Agheel Lake, the massive body of shallow water that takes up a big chunk of West Limgrave. 

While we wouldn’t recommend taking on this boss right away, it can easily be done relatively early into Elden Ring. Flying Dragon Agheel is guarding a crucial early game dungeon with a bunch of important upgrade materials, as well as a trap treasure chest that we recommend you avoid until you are properly leveled. 

Where to Find Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

Once you’ve made your way to Agheel Lake, you will find it mostly empty and easy to traverse. You will see a group of enemies huddled around large stakes in the center of the lake. In classic Souls fashion, this is a trap. If you rush them, Flying Dragon Agheel will swoop down and kill you with a very powerful fire attack. However, after that first death, they will instead appear in that location like any other field boss in Elden Ring.

It is worth noting that if you run pass the Dragon and go to the Lake’s northernmost point, you will find the Limgrave Tunnels Dungeon. This is a great early game location where you can find ample low-level Smithing Stones. If you haven’t upgraded your main weapon to at least +3 before trying to take on Flying Dragon Agheel, we advise you do so. Clearing this dungeon should give you enough Smithing Stones to be able to upgrade one or two more times than you already have. 

Now, as long as you are strong enough that Flying Dragon Agheel’s attacks won’t kill you in one hit, you are likely able to take them on. We strongly recommend using Torrent for this fight, not just because it makes the fight more epic but also because it makes keeping up with the fast foe and avoiding his attacks possible. 

How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel

Flying Dragon Agheel Attacks

Flying Dragon Agheel’s attacks can be broken down into two categories; melee and ranged, the latter of which are variations on fire breath. Those attacks obviously inflict fire damage, so if you have a fire Talisman, equip it.

The best way to beat Flying Dragon Agheel is to learn their patterns, avoid the attacks using Torrent, and be patient by taking one or two swipes at their legs or wings at a time before backing off. Do this and Agheel will be down in no time. 

Flying Dragon Agheel Melee Attack 1: Stomp

Flying Dragon Agheel will lift one of their feet  it is random which one  and stomp on the ground dealing a decent chunk of damage. The best way to counter this is to keep your distance and once you see them finish the animation, rush in to get your free hits. 

Melee Attack 2: Bite

Be wary if you spend too long attacking the Flying Dragon Agheel's backside. While they can’t get you with most attacks if you’re behind them, this move can easily be a greedy player’s downfall. Agheel quickly makes a 360 degree turn and bites you for a good deal of damage

Melee Attack 3: Tail Whip

Alternatively, if you try to cheese Flying Dragon Agheel from behind it is equally likely you will fall victim to their tail whip. The very fast move is always anticipated by a slow step forward. So watch out for that easy tell in order to get out of the way quick enough. Just don’t go too far, you want to stay close and keep on the offensive. 

Melee Attack 4: Drive-By

Drive-by is the best way to describe this attack, where Flying Dragon Agheel swoops down from a short flight and stomp the ground with both their legs. In general, it's best to keep your distance when Agheel is in the air. If they don’t do this move, they will do one of their ranged moves. Either way, you don’t want to risk being right in front when it happens. 

Flying Dragon Agheel Ranged Attack 1: Flame Breath

Flying Dragon Agheel’s flame breath is the ranged attack you want to see. Not to be confused with the next move on the list, this is where Flying Dragon Agheel shoots a narrow column of flames that deal AoE fire damage out of their mouth. It has range, so be sure not to be right in front of it even if you feel a safe distance away.

However, if you dodge to the side of the move early on, this gives you a lot of time to make your way around to Flying Dragon Agheel's side and get in some hits before the attack is finished. It’s a long animation, so be sure to take advantage. The quicker you can make your way to them, the more damage you can deal.

Ranged Attack 2: Flame Arc 

Similar to their flame breath, Flying Dragon Agheel’s flame arc is a breath of fire. This one launches a wide arc of fire. The best way to avoid it is to either charge forward and try to get under the arc (this is preferred as it allows you to get in more attacks) or just run away. 

Ranged Attack 3: Rain of Fire

Flying Dragon Agheel’s final attack is a classic death from above style move. To best keep track of the bosses whereabouts during one of these attacks, it is best to stop locking on and look freely up at the sky. This way it should be easy to see where Flying Dragon Agheel is about to shoot down a wall of flames. 

All of these ranged attacks can be very deadly. Standing in the line of fire breath will deal continuous damage, so getting caught off-guard by this one can easily be a one-hit kill. 

Those are all Flying Dragon Agheel’s moves. Once you defeat the dragon, you will get a generous 5,000 Runes and a Dragon Heart. This item can be exchanged for unique spells at a Church of Dragon Communion. The closest to you at this point is on the island off the Southwest of Limgrave. It can be accessed to going through and defeating the two Demi-Human Chiefs of the Coastal Cave dungeon at the beach west of the Church of Elleh. 

And that's how to beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring. For more upgrade tips and boss strats, head over to our official guides hub. More help on Elden Ring bosses, like our Bloodhound Knight Darriwil boss guide, can be found there.


Published Mar. 2nd 2022

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