Atomic Heart: How to Beat Plyusch

The Plyusch is one of the deadliest and quickest enemies you'll fight in Atomic Heart. Here's what you need to know to defeat this monstrosity.

Out of all the bosses in Atomic Heart, Plyusch might be the most terrifying. It’s relentless, quick, and it has a QTE-inducing grab that will kill you if you fail. This is a boss fight that will keep you on your toes. With the right knowledge and appropriate preparations, you’ll be ready to defeat it and continue the story. Read on to learn how to beat the Plyusch boss in Atomic Heart.

How to Beat Plyusch in Atomic Heart

What Is a Plyusch?

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The Plyusch is first encountered in the VDNH and more specifically during the Tremors mission as you search for the left arm of a robot. It’s a creature made of red polymer muscle and the brain of a dog. Although it does run like a dog occasionally, the ferocity and stretchy limbs are more reminiscent of the Marvel Comics villain Carnage.

Plyusch Resistances and Vulnerabilities

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Scanning is imperative to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies and that information is even more valuable for bosses. Scanning the Plyusch can be tricky since it’s always on the move, but a tip screen does pop up to show what it’s resistant and vulnerable to before the fight. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Plyusch Resistances – Shock and Gunfire
  • Plyusch Vulnerabilities – Fire, Melee, and Explosives

How to Defeat Plyusch

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You should first make use of the nearby NORA machines. Any melee weapon will do, but the quicker it is the better. If you haven’t built a new melee weapon yet, the Swede axe you received at the start will do just fine. Make sure you’re acquainted with how to use cartridges and bring along some fire cartridges to inflict some serious damage.

Melee weapons do require you to be up close and personal to land hits, which can be dangerous against the Plyusch. If you want to attack from range as well, bring some energy weapons such as the Electro or the Dominator. Each melee hit will recharge energy for you to easily swap between the two strategies.

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On the character upgrade side of things, invest in your movement. Morning Exercise will increase your running speed and Second Wind will give you an additional dodge charge. If you need an extra bit of reassurance, Sleazeball will make you invulnerable to damage while dodging.

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Frostbite / Cryo Jet is also a wonderful skill that makes this fight more manageable. The Plyusch isn’t especially vulnerable to Ice, but the slowing effect will present more opportunities and along with the previously mentioned movement upgrades you’ll soon be running circles around it.

Polymeric Jet can help as well. It amplifies any elemental damage you apply, meaning your fiery axe swings will inflict a lot more pain. Using this will also make Shock a bit more viable as well, but you’ll still want to focus on setting the boss on fire.

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The Plyusch uses a variety of attacks that make use of its stretchy limbs. Close-range sweeping attacks may catch you off guard, so it’s best to use a couple of melee attacks and then dodge away to avoid those. Freezing it will allow for a lot more swings.

If you keep maintaining distance, it will begin to use more lunging attacks. These have a lot of reach and go in a straight line. Remember to dodge sideways when it starts charging toward you. Any missed lunges also present a great moment to go on the offensive.

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As soon as you see a power move, emphasized with circles appearing on the screen, dodge to the side. These do a lot of damage and can knock you over. Keep your eye on the Plyusch after dodging too, since it can sometimes follow up with more power moves.

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It’s worth mentioning that you should be especially wary if you notice a particularly large circle appear – this is a sign that the most deadly power move is coming.

If you’re unable to dodge it, you’ll be thrust into a QTE involving three buttons and then a mashing prompt. Failing any of these will result in instant death.

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Focus on dodging and moving to stay one step ahead of the Plyusch. Freeze it to allow yourself some time to heal, equip a new fire cartridge, or land more hits. With how difficult it is to land a charged melee attack on it, doing so while it’s frozen can be your best opportunity as well.

Aside from its speed, this is a simple boss fight. Just remain patient, attack when you can, and you'll be done in no time.

That covers how to beat Plyusch in Atomic Heart. Make sure to keep these strategies in mind since this won't be the only time you have to fight one. Check out our collection of Atomic Hearts guides to better prepare yourself for what lies ahead, such as the long trek you'll be making soon toward the theater.

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Published Mar. 2nd 2023

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