Demon's Souls White Bow Locations Guide

The White Bow isn't the best in terms of damage, especially in the late-game, but it's good for a while in Demon's Souls. Here's how to get it.

Ranged weapons like the Compound Short Bow and the Compound Long Bow are useful for killing enemies from afar or kiting tougher foes away from a horde in Demon's Souls. You can upgrade those weapons to do heavy damage, but if you want to hit enemies from as far away as possible and do the most base damage while collecting mats for other upgrades, the White Bow is worth consideration.

Getting the White Bow in Demon's Souls is a bit involved, but unlike some other weapons (looking at you Demonbrandt and Soulbrandt), you have three chances to pick it up. 

It's important to note that the White Bow scales best with Strength and Dexterity, so if you aren't going with STR/DEX builds, the White Bow may not be worth the investment. Further, the White Bow is ultimately surpassed by other upgraded ranged weapons in terms of damage, such as the Sticky +5 variants of the Compound Long and Short Bows. 

The Ritual Path (Adjudicator Archstone)

From The Ritual Path Archstone (the Adjudicator Archstone), go down the steps and drop down. Turn around and follow the path forward. Pass Graverobber Blige (if you've freed him), and enter the room with the Reaper and Shadowlurkers

Take the left path, and kill the Shadowlurker. Drop down behind the Reaper below and kill it to remove all of the Shadowlurkers from the area.

From the Reaper, go down the stone stairs in front of the altar and into the stairwell on the right side. Go up two flights of stone stairs until you see a flight of wooden stairs. Don't go up them. 

There is a bricked-up archway to the right of the glowing skeleton in the wall. Strick the archway to reveal an illusory wall

Go through the archway and down. You will emerge outside on a cliff, and there is a Red Eye Dual-Katana Skeleton in front of you. The White Bow is on the body at the edge of the cliff behind the Skeleton. 

Penetrator Archstone

After defeating Penetrator in The Inner Ward of Boletaria Palace, follow the path from the Penetrator Archstone to the next area. You will see a dead Dragon and three archers. There will be three Black Phantoms (one with a bow and arrow) past the Archers. 

Defeat the three Archers first, then kite the two melee-based Black Phantoms one at a time back toward the Penetrator Archstone. Both Metas, Knight of the Lance and Alfred, Knight of the Tower are very powerful and can deplete half of your health bar in a single hit. 

Once you've defeated the two melee Phantoms, attack the last Phantom, Long Bow Oolan, either using ranged attacks (depending on the strength of your current bow and/or the spells you have on hand) or melee. If you get close and attack using a melee weapon, the Oolan will use a Kilij for very swift attacks. 

Oolan will try to create distance to shoot you with arrows; she can easily fire two arrows in the time it takes a normal Archer to fire one. She also has Firestorm, which she may use when her health gets low. 

Sparkly, the Crow (Shrine of Storms, 4-1)

This method is a bit more involved, if only because you need to give Sparkly, the Crow a piece of Pure Moonlightstone. If you don't know how to find Sparkly, here's a quick walkthrough. 

How to Find Sparkly, the Crow

Go to Shrine of Storms Island's Edge Archstone.

From the Archstone, go straight and follow the path past the Silver Skeletons up to the main gate (where the Skeleton Archers are shooting down at you and you can see Vanguard looming the distance).

Go halfway through the gate and turn left to see a pathway leading through the wall. There is a trap switch on the floor between the torches. Raise your shield or hug the right or left wall to mitigate the damage from the three arrows or miss them altogether. 

Go up the stairs and then left at the top, through the gap in the wall. Follow the path down and turn left at the end. Continue along the path, and kill the Silver Skeleton that rolls toward you. Beware of a second Silver Skeleton to your right when you enter the next room. 

Climb the stairs on the left side, and kill the Silver Skeleton at the top. Exit the room through the right archway and follow the cliff path up. At the top, you will see a huge tree, and when you get close enough, Sparkly will start speaking to you. 

To get the White Bow, you need to leave Sparkly a piece of Pure Moonlightstone. Leave the stone and go back to the Island's Edge Archstone. You can choose Island's Edge from the warp menu to reset the area. Go back to Sparkly, and the White Bow should be on the ground in front of the tree

White Bow Stats

  • Physical Attack: 100
  • Range: 75

You will need 30 Strength and 24 Dexterity to wield the White Bow. It can fire every arrow type. 

Upgrading the White Bow

The White Bow can only be upgraded using a Colorless Demon's Soul. There are quite a few ways to get these special souls in each playthrough. 

  • Trade Sparkly the Talisman of God and Gold Mask (2)
  • Perform Mephistopheles assassination quests (2)
  • Kill Primeval Demons (5)

You can also find a Colorless Demon's Soul after unlocking the gate near the beginning of The Gates of Boletaria Archstone. You will need Pure Black or Pure White World Tendency to open this gate. 

From the Archstone, go forward and left a short way to find a small staircase leading down. 

Go through the new area and enter the tower. Kill Executioner Miralda and descend the stairs until you reach a ladder leading down. Instead of taking the ladder, walk out onto the beams and drop down to the next set of wooden beams. Grab the Colorless Demon's Soul. 

That's all you need to know about how to get the White Bow in Demon's Souls and how to upgrade it. For more on the impeccable remaster of this From Software classic, be sure to check out our other tips and guides here. If you found this article helpful, consider giving it a share!

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Published Dec. 2nd 2020

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