Sea of Thieves Chest of Sorrow Guide

This rare treasure chest in the Sea of Thieves beta houses a crying pirate spirit rather than gold or grog!

The closed beta for Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive Sea Of Thieves sails onward as players discover more secrets across this long-awaited cooperative pirate sandbox experience.

What would a pirate simulator be without digging up chests of loot on forgotten islands? While there are plenty of your standard gold treasure chests (or even chests filled with grog!) a handful of extremely rare chest types are now being discovered by players.

One such ultra rare Sea Of Thieves chest is the appropriately named Chest Of Sorrow, which behaves much differently than your standard loot chest sold back at an outpost.

Finding the Chest of Sorrow

These are even more rare than legendary chests, so don't expect to find them often, but you can come across a Chest of Sorrow while digging up sandy areas on islands on a quest for gold, while exploring island caves, or sometimes by checking out shipwrecks while sailing.

Unlike your typical Sea Of Thieves treasure chest, the elusive Chest of Sorrow seems to be alive, but it isn't exactly happy about that fact. The chest will intermittently cry, which actually causes water to pour out of the sides.

Picking up Chest Sorrow in Sea of Thieves  Picking up a Chest Of Sorrow in Sea Of Thieves (special thanks to YouTuber JuJu BoJingles for the screenshot)

If you're on an island, that doesn't matter much, but that can be a big deal while transporting the chest in your ship. Have a bucket handy, because you can actually flood your ship (just as if it had a ruptured hull from combat) if the Chest of Sorrow cries long enough!

Remember that just like any other Sea Of Thieves treasure chest, you've got to manually carry it back to your ship using both hands (so you will be defenseless) and then sell it at an outpost for your gold reward. It can also be stolen by another pirate crew if they attack and board your ship -- or lost due to any of the other typical nautical hazards -- so defend it at all costs!

Keeping a Chest of Sorrow hidden somewhere safe on your ship isn't really an option like it is with a typical chest, since the crying will be audible and the leaking water is clearly visible.

 Clearing out a flooded hold as the Chest of Sorrow cries

Have you come across a Chest of Sorrow yet or found any other interesting uses for it besides turning it in for gold? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Published Jan. 26th 2018

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