Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Green Ranger Guide

This rare unlock offers excellent mid-range combat options for PvP in Legacy Wars.

If you've already mastered the basics of combat and the Legacy Wars economy then it's time to move onto specific Leader Rangers you want to be utilizing to get ahead in PvP and earn the most medals in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Any kid who grew up in the '90s knows the Green Ranger is the best -- it's not even a competition. Sorry Red, you might be the famous football star standing in front, but the audience is always waiting for Green to show up instead.

Obviously, the Green Ranger was one of the first to be offered as a special buy option in this freemium brawler. Sadly he isn't frequently earned by unlocking random morph or corruption boxes, which means if you want to use him in combat, more likely than not you'll need to lay down some green of your own.

If you've got the $9.99 to spare (and expect that to go up as the specials end), he's more than worth the cost for a dedicated player.

Power Rangers, Green, Ranger, Legacy WarsUnlocking Green Ranger Tommy Oliver

Stoic and good-natured, Tommy is the epitome of what it means to be a Power Ranger, and he's got some fantastic attack cards to boot.

A rare unlock, Tommy Oliver is on the Balanced class track and starts with 125 health. Most of his attacks are on the yellow Strike column, which interrupt red Breaker attacks but are overcome by blue Defense attacks.

His attack cards tend to the cheaper end on the action point cost, meaning he needs to retreat and block less frequently than other Rangers. The Green Ranger's starting attack card skills are as follows:

  • Kicking It (3 action points) - Close range Primary Strike attack dealing 90 damage
  • Spinning Heel Kick (3 action points) - Mid range Primary Breaker attack dealing 88 damage
  • Dragon Charge (4 action points) - Mid range Special Strike attack dealing 128 damage
  • Dagger Quake (3 action points) - Mid to long range Special Strike attack dealing 39 damage

Power Rangers, Green, Ranger, Legacy Wars, skillsGreen Ranger Skills

Green Ranger Combat Strategies

With a balanced load out and lots of mid-range attacks, the Green Ranger is an excellent combat option and unquestionably a better combatant than the starting Jason Lee Scott you're given at launch. Swap Tommy out as your Leader Ranger as soon as possible!

Any lineup of Assist Rangers will complement Tommy, but as usual it's worth throwing the Pink Ranger in for long range attacks when you are on the other side of the screen. Otherwise, pick whatever Rangers you have upgraded the furthest to maximize your Assist team's power.

Dragon Charge should nearly always be your go-to attack, only having about a half second to one second delay before landing and getting in three strikes. It also shunts you forward slightly, so doesn't require being as close as most melee attacks.

Although dealing less damage, Dagger Quake goes off almost immediately, striking low and going forward along the ground, so it can be used at mid-range strike instead of directly next to an enemy. When the opponent is backing up to recharge action points, this should be your attack of choice.

Spinning Heel Kick meanwhile won't show up as often in your card rotation, but when it lands it knocks an enemy back slightly, giving you some breathing room while waiting for action points to recover.

The base Kickin It strike isn't as amazing as other attacks, but when its a choice between using 5 action points on Assist or wasting time defending when you could land a quick strike, it can be a useful attack while the opponent is gearing up for a red Breaker attack.

Power Rangers, Green, Ranger, Legacy Wars, win, screen

With Green Ranger, it's a good bet you'll be seeing this screen a lot

What strategies have you found to be most useful while playing as the Green Ranger? Let us know in the comments section!

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Published May. 28th 2017

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