Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find Graphorn

Looking for a Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy? Here's where to find them.

Graphorn is one of the fantastic rideable mounts found in Hogwarts Legacy. Though it doesn't become unlockable until the later parts of the main story, you'll want to add it the Room of Requirement alongside the other beasts found throughout the world, such as the Phoenix. Here's how to unlock the Graphorn as a mount and where to find them. 

How to Unlock Graphorn as a Mount

To unlock Graphorn as a mount, play through the main story until you can undertake San Bakar's Trial. As part of the trial, you'll need to tame a beast.

Upon meeting Professor Fig, he tells you that the beast is a Graphorn, with only one located close by, called The Lord of the Shore. He warns, however, that Graphorn do not come quietly. You'll have to best the beast in combat to tame it. 

Graphorn Den Location

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Follow the quest line until you get to the edge of Clagmar Coast. You'll know you are near the Graphorn den when you come across giant water creature bones. Head into the den and face off against The Lord of the Shore.

This Graphorn is very fast, so dodge as much as possible to gain distance. Unforgivable Curses aren't available to use during the fight. At 50% health, the Graphorn will supercharge its attacks.

Once you defeat The Lord of the Shore, you'll have two options: Kneel or Attack. Select Kneel to tame the Graphorn and gain the Lord of the Shore as a mount. This is the only Graphorn that you can ride. 

How to Catch Graphorns

Aside from The Lord of the Shore, you can catch Graphorns and bring them to the Room of Requirement. The den location is the same place in which you encounter The Lord of the Shore. Only one Graphorn at a time will spawn. Just as before, you'll need to defeat the beast to tame it. Once you defeat it, you can walk up to it and use your Nab-Sack to catch it.

That is how to unlock Graphorns as a mount and where to catch them. Need help with other parts of the game? Check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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Published Mar. 1st 2023

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