World of Tanks Mods And How They Can Help!

Become a natural Tanker with these tools designed to devastate your enemies!

Arr, where did that shot come from, did they see me coming?

World of Tanks is a fun game if you know where the enemy is and where to shoot, but it can tough to figure that out sometimes because the enemy could be playing the waiting game. Once you are exposed will you be able to take cover in the right spot? With these mods, you can, and they can all be found here at WoT-Shot!

Get The Jump On The Enemy!

Mini-Map Advanced is what this first mod is called, and boy does it help. Ever wonder how far you can be spotted from? Well what this mod does is, it creates circles on your mini-map in intervals which allows you to get a idea of just how far you are coming up to enemy lines without exposing yourself. The furthest outer circle in green indicates 750m and the highest range anyone can spot you is 500m. So by keeping the enemy outside of this circle you are safe from being spotted. The next indicator is the short green line on the red line which is a 450m range, which if you are coming up to a scout, chances are they have spotted you and you should find cover!

So Many Places To Shoot Oh My!

Zone Penetration of the Tank is the second mod I use and man is it awesome! Ever wonder why your driver, gunner, ammo rack or engine is blown all to hell on the first shot? Well either your enemy is an ex-military tanker or they have this mod. This allows you to see exactly where those parts are on a tank with color codes and symbols. Those colored spots are likely to be your best bet in doing serious damage as well so load this mod up and take em down fast!


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Published May. 6th 2013
  • Eurosniper
    Hit skins are frowned upon by the community in general. They are NOT illegal yet.

    Mods are the difference between playing for fun and competing at a higher level.

    I have many mods, I adjust them regularly. I can only thank the people that tirelessly produce them to enhance the game playing for many.

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