Dark Souls 3: Top 4 Rings for a Sorcerer Build

The top 4 rings for your sorcerer's 4 ring slots, with details about their usefulness and location.

Ever pondered which rings in Dark Souls 3 are the greatest for your slightly nerdy, magic-wielding sorcerer? This article has you covered. Soon, your fingers will be covered in gleaming metallic bands making every nearby undead green with envy -- or was that flesh rot?

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The greatest rings are based on how generally useful they are in the campaign, and sadly have nothing to do with PVE and PVP. That said, the top 4 rings for a sorcerer build are as follows:

4. Saint's Ring

The Saint's Ring increases the number of attunement slots by 1, instantly allowing you an extra slot even if your attunement attribute doesn't allow for one. This doesn't have as much of a bonus as the Darkmoon ring, but because the aforementioned ring requires ranking up in a relatively well-hidden covenant, this one is more easily attainable.

The ring is sold by Irina of Carim for 300 souls. Irena can be found in the undead settlement. After purchasing the "grave key" from the shrine handmaiden, enter the sewer area in the Undead Settlement until you discover some small rats and one big one. The gate for the key is on the left. Follow this until you discover the inside of the cell with Irena still inside.

3. Magic Clutch Ring

The magic clutch ring is a classic example of risk and reward. As a mage, or sorcerer, in classic role-playing games, you are purposely a damage-dealing character that is super vulnerable to enemy attacks. This ring makes you 10% more vulnerable to physical attacks, but crucially, increases your spell damage by 15%.

It's found in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. From the Church of Yorshka bonfire, head out of the church you entered and head onwards sticking to the left towards the ice sword-wielding knights and fire witches. In this area is an illusionary wall on the right. The ring is behind the wall on a body.

2. Bellowing Dragon Crest Ring

Damage as a sorcerer is crucial because your character will likely not possess the vitality and high vigor necessary to survive the multiple hits a heavily-armored warrior might; that's why this ring could be considered crucial. This ring increases sorcery damage by 20% -- and unlike the aforementioned ring, there's no damage penalty for utilizing it, making it rather crucial.

From the Irithyl Dungeon bonfire, head right into the huge room and then turn right, keep moving until you reach the end of the corridor. Unlock the locked gate with the jailbreaker's key and the ring is on the rocks below.

1. Sage Ring

The sage ring could easily be considered the most important ring for a mage because it decreases spell casting time; this is particularly noteworthy for powerful spells which take considerably longer to cast, essentially knocking large portions of a second off those spells, making all the difference against enemies that take multiple hits. 

Looted from a corpse in the castle ruin where it's possible to summon Eygon in the road of sacrifices. Jump into the hole on the ground next to the sign of Eygon; it's near a pillar. As a further reference, there are two sorcerers and several other enemies with swords and spears in the area. Beware when you drop down, as you'll take a bit of fall damage and a cross carrying demonic enemy will attack from one of the corners of the watery area.

There you have it. Those were the top 4 rings for a sorcerer build in Dark Souls 3.

Some honourable mentions include:

  • the Chloranthy Ring
  • the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
  • the Sun Princess Ring
  • the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring

Am I right? Am I wrong? What are your favorite 4 rings for sorcerer builds in Dark Souls 3? Leave your answers in the comments.

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Published Jul. 15th 2016

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