How to Beat Prince Wiggletail in World of Warcraft

Here is the exact location and a couple of methods on how to beat Prince Wiggletail in Rise of Azshara in BfA.

Blizzard has just released a brand new content update of Battle for Azeroth expansion in World of Warcraft. The new update is titled Rise of Azshara, and it includes several new zones, a raid, a dungeon, and many new quests.

One such quest requires players to defeat Prince Wiggletail, a naga that resides inside a cave at the Zanj'ir Terrace in Nazjatar. If you're having trouble defeating this enemy, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

You can find Prince Wiggletail in the southern cave of the Zanjir Terrace in the northwestern part of the map.

The exact coordinates of the cave are 34.81, 27.31.

This enemy is extremely hard and you need to set everything up before entering the cave and taking a fight against Prince Wiggletail. There are a couple of methods you can use to kill him.

Method 1: Using Three Battle Pets

Having more pets will give you a higher chance of winning. So use this method first. Here are the three pets you can use for this fight:

  • Unborn Val'kyr
  • Zandalari Anklerender
  • Weebomination

When you have all three pets assembled, you need to follow these steps during the battle:

  1. Send in Unborn Val'kyr
  2. Cast Haunt
  3. Prince Wiggletail will kill your Unborn Val'kyr
  4. Send in Zandalari Anklerender
  5. Cast Black Claw
  6. Cast Hunting Party
  7. Prince Wiggletail will kill your Zandalari Anklerender
  8. Send in Weebomination
  9. Cast Diseased Bite

The last spell should put Prince Wiggletain down, and the battle will be over.

Method 2: Using Two Battle Pets

The second method is harder but possible, if all circumstances will play in your favor. Here are the two pets you can use for this fight:

  • Zandalari Anklerender
  • Blighthawk

Follow these steps to defeat Prince Wiggletail:

  1. Send in Zandalari Anklerender
  2. Cast Black Claw
  3. Cast Primal Cry
  4. Cast Hunting Party
  5. Prince Wiggletail will kill your Zandalari Anklerender
  6. Send in Blighthawk
  7. Cast Lift Off
  8. Cast Ghostly Bite

This combo should do the trick. When everything is over, Prince Wiggletail will drop Wiggletail's Poking Fork.

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Published Sep. 16th 2019

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