Starbound Beta - Stuck on Chucklefish Logo? Try Letting It Sit!

Launched Starbound but hanging at the Chucklefish logo got you down? Let the client sit for a few minutes.

Starbound is one release I have been looking forward to for two years now, and today is the day the beta goes live. As to be expected of the first day of a beta (which was previously announced to be buggy), there are a number of technical issues players are going to run into today.

One such issue is the most simple imaginable: the game hanging at the Chucklefish logo. Don't get discouraged and sit there waiting for a patch! For most people, this issue is as easy to fix as letting the game load for a few minutes, literally.

Should you run into the Chucklefish logo hang when launching Starbound, do nothing. Do not click elsewhere, do not click the screen repeatedly. Just let the client stir in its own code juices for a minute or two until you are finally given access to the main menu. If it takes longer than 2 minutes, try again.

Easy, right? Despite this being a simple issue, myself and a number of other players have been going mad over the additional tiny delay. It seems that for most players, the fix is patience.

Do note this is not guaranteed to work for everyone running into this problem, but it has worked for several who have fallen to the Chucklefish's "EHEHEHE".

Starbound costs $14.99 and is currently in beta as of today. The purchase gets you into the game's three beta phases as well as the completed game at launch. Check it out on the official site or on Steam.

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Published Sep. 8th 2017
  • budixfire
    it is annoying but start it ub a few times and leave it untouched after pressing "Launch Starbound" worked quite well for me so i hope that this will be fixed in later versions!
  • GreenSlug
    Oh my. Thanks a lot. You saved me here!

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