Torment: Tides of Numenera complete achievement list

The Last Castoff can earn quite a hefty gamerscore while adventuring across the Ninth World!

Who ever would have thought that almost two decades after Planescape: Torment took the gaming world by storm, we would finally get a sequel? It may be set in a wholly different universe that leans more sci-fi than fantasy, but Tides of Numenera still offers all the delicious oddity you could ever want from a Torment title.

When the first game in this series came out, the concept of "achievements" hadn't even entered the gaming lexicon yet. But now 18 years later, this new Torment experience lets you unlock Steam Xbox achievements and PlayStation trophies.

While all the achievements were thoroughly hidden up until release to keep a wraps on certain story and gameplay elements, now they've finally been unveiled. Check out the full list below, and be sure to come back soon - we'll be updating the secret achievements as they are unlocked throughout the week!

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Achievement How To Unlock Gamerscore
 Live Another Life Complete a Mere   30
 This Is MY Cult Convince the cult in Sagus Cliffs you are the Changing God  15
 A New Home Learn the truth of where Jherem came from  15
 Always In Touch  Found the Hall of Relics 15
 Foremen Don't Forget  Discovered Min of Tan Liang's embarrassing secret 15
 I Clank When I Walk Equip everyone one of Jernaugh's upgrades  15
Peace Bringer  Brought peace to Choi's Spirit 15 
 Ill Gotten Gains Found the Murden's treasure room  15 
War Machine  Defeated Waits-For-Prey in combat  15
Death Wish  Died by drinking too much Bloom Juice  15 
Inside Man  Coty betrayed the First on your behalf  15 
 Priest Restored Aligern found his friends and family  15 
Keep Your Friends Close  Made Aligern believe you are the Changing God... and earned his love anyway   15
Buckle Down   Tybir made a dangerous deal with Tol Maguur  15
Mere Explorer  Found all merecasters  15 
Overload  Acquired one too many cyphers   15
 Hall Of Memories Unlocked all elements in the calm  15 
Limits Of Human Capacity  Achieved maximum character level  15 
Beloved   The entire party loves the Last Castoff 15 
Despised The entire party dislikes the Last Castoff   15
Not Dead Yet  Escaped the Sorrow... for now  30
A City Carved In Stone  Reach the Sagus Cliffs  30
 Monuments to the Past Reached the Valley Of Dead Heroes  30
 Sanctuary Found Miel Avest  30
 Belly of the Beast  Reached the Bloom  30
Crystalline Vista  Reached the Ascension  30
Castoffs Fate  Activated The Resonance Chamber  30
Terminal Velocity  Ended your life before it truly began  15
For Knowledge? Slew the Nychthemeron  15
Just a Taste Became the main course in a Dendra O'hur feast  15
Free Minds  Defeated the Adversary  15
Accidental Savior Rescued the Memorialists in the Valley of Dead Heroes by failing to find them  15
Knowledge Seeker Undertook Tantalum's quest to explore the tombs of the Necropolis  15
Valley's Hero Freed the Valley from the Children of the Endless Gate  15
Rising Phoenix Helped Phoenix find the answer he seeks  15
Transdimensional Midwife Brought a new minnim pair to life  15
Memovira  Became the new Memovira  15
Private Property  Purchase a slave  15
Homeworld Bound  Return the lascars to their home  15
A God In Human Skin Become the Changing God  40
 All Too Human  Callistege became completely human again  15
Ascended  Translated Callistege's consciousness to the datasphere  15
The Dying Light Powered up Erritis' nanites  15
Back To The Farm  Freed Erritis from the audience  15
 Love Restored Help Tybir make peace with Auvigne  15
Dangerous Ideals  Matkina turned away from her isolation  15
Successor  Matkina became the new Memovira  15
Going Home  Rhin returned to her true home  15
A New Family Rhin stayed with the Last Castoff  15
It's For The Best  Rhin found a new family through the Empty House of Time  15
A New Beginning  Woke up in the Calm after dying  15
Legacy Completed the Game  90


Which achievements have you managed to unlock so far? That 90 points for finishing the game will top you off your gamerscore quite nicely! Stay tuned for full guides on unlocking some of the more difficult trophies that Torment: Tides of Numenera has to offer. 

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Published Feb. 28th 2017

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